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Welcome to Reach UI Development ♿️

Thanks for getting involved with Reach UI development!

Looking for the documentation?

Getting Started

This project uses

  • Lerna to manage multiple libs
  • Storybook for a great development experience
  • Gatsby for a blazing fast website.
  • Jest for painless testing.

Before doing anything else, run these commands:

git clone
cd reach-ui
yarn install
yarn bootstrap
yarn build

Root Repo Scripts:

yarn bootstrap    # bootstraps lerna so all dependencies get
                  # linked for cross-component development

yarn start        # starts storybook server

yarn test         # runs tests in all packages

yarn build        # builds all packages

yarn release      # publishes changed packages

www directory scripts

The website uses Gatsby v2 with Gatsby MDX powering most of the pages. It is deployed with now

yarn start        # starts the website

yarn build        # builds the production site to "public/"

yarn stage        # deploys the site with

yarn deploy       # alias the latest deploy to production

Running / Writing Examples

First do the steps in "Getting started", then start the Storybook server:

yarn start

Next, put a file in packages/<component-dir>/examples/<name>.example.js and make it look like this:

import React from "react";

// The name of the example, you must export it as `name`
export let name = "Basic";

// The example to render, you must name it `Example`
export let Example = () => <div>Cool cool cool</div>;

Now you can edit the files in packages/* and storybook will automatically reload your changes.

Note: If you change an internal dependency you will need to run yarn build again. For example, if working on MenuButton requires a change to Rect (an internal dependency of MenuButton), you will need to run yarn build for the changes to Rect to show up in your MenuButton example.

Running / Writing Tests

First do the steps in "Getting Started", then:

yarn test

Or if you want to run the tests as you edit files:

yarn test --watch

Often you'll want to just test the component you're working on:

cd packages/<component-path>
yarn test --watch

Development Plans

The components to be built come from the the Aria Practices Design Patterns and Widgets. Here is a table of the components and their status.

- Released
🛠 - Planning to Build
- Might Build?

Status Name
🛠 Accordion
Alert Dialog
🛠 Carousel
🛠 Checkbox
🛠 Combo Box
Dialog (Modal)
🛠 Disclosure
🛠 Listbox
🛠 Menu or Menu bar
Menu Button
🛠 Radio Group
🛠 Slider
🛠 Slider (Multi-Thumb)
🛠 Tree View
Window Splitter
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