Kafka Standalone Consumer [Indexer] will read messages from Kafka, in batches, process and bulk-index them into ElasticSearch.
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Welcome to the kafka-elasticsearch-standalone-consumer wiki!

Architecture of the kafka-elasticsearch-standalone-consumer [indexer]

This project has moved to below repository

Please see https://github.com/BigDataDevs/kafka-elasticsearch-consumer


Kafka Standalone Consumer [Indexer] will read messages from Kafka, in batches, process and bulk-index them into ElasticSearch.

As described in the illustration above, here is how the indexer works:

  • Kafka has a topic named, say Topic1

  • Lets say, Topic1 has 5 partitions.

  • In the configuration file, kafka-es-indexer.properties, set firstPartition=0 and lastPartition=4 properties

  • start the indexer application as described below

  • there will be 5 threads started, one for each consumer from each of the partitions

  • when a new partition is added to the kafka topic - configuration has to be updated and the indexer application has to be restarted

How to use ?

Running as a standard Jar

**1. Download the code into a $INDEXER_HOME dir.

**2. cp $INDEXER_HOME/src/main/resources/kafka-es-indexer.properties.template /your/absolute/path/kafka-es-indexer.properties file - update all relevant properties as explained in the comments

**3. cp $INDEXER_HOME/src/main/resources/logback.xml.template /your/absolute/path/logback.xml

specify directory you want to store logs in:

adjust values of max sizes and number of log files as needed

**4. build/create the app jar (make sure you have MAven installed):

 	mvn clean package

The kafka-es-indexer-2.0.jar will be created in the $INDEXER_HOME/bin. All dependencies will be placed into $INDEXER_HOME/bin/lib. All JAR dependencies are linked via kafka-es-indexer-2.0.jar manifest.

**5. edit your $INDEXER_HOME/run_indexer.sh script: -- make it executable if needed (chmod a+x $INDEXER_HOME/run_indexer.sh) -- update properties marked with "CHANGE FOR YOUR ENV" comments - according to your environment

**6. run the app [use JDK1.8] :



Kafka Version:

ElasticSearch: > 1.5.1

Scala Version for Kafka Build: 2.10.0


Indexer app configuration is specified in the kafka_es_indexer.properties file, which should be created from a provided template, kafka-es-indexer.properties.template. All properties are described in the template:


Logging properties are specified in the logback.xml file, which should be created from a provided template, logback.xml.template:


Message Handler Class

  • org.elasticsearch.kafka.consumer.MessageHandler is an Abstract class that has most of the functionality of reading data from Kafka and batch-indexing into ElasticSearch already implemented. It has one abstract method, transformMessage(), that can be overwritten in the concrete sub-classes to customize message transformation before posting into ES

  • org.elasticsearch.kafka.consumer.messageHandlers.RawMessageStringHandler is a simple concrete sub-class of the MessageHAndler that sends messages into ES with no additional transformation, as is, in the 'UTF-8' format

  • Usually, its effective to Index the message in JSON format in ElasticSearch. This can be done using a Mapper Class and transforming the message from Kafka by overriding/implementing the transformMessage() method. An example can be found here: org.elasticsearch.kafka.consumer.messageHandlers.AccessLogMessageHandler

  • Do remember to set the newly created message handler class in the messageHandlerClass property in the kafka-es-indexer.properties file.

IndexHandler Interface and basic implementation

  • org.elasticsearch.kafka.consumer.IndexHandler is an interface that defines two methods: getIndexName(params) and getIndexType(params).

  • org.elasticsearch.kafka.consumer.BasicIndexHandler is a simple imlementation of this interface that returnes indexName and indexType values as configured in the kafkaESConsumer.properties file.

  • one might want to create a custom implementation of IndexHandler if, for example, index name and type are not static for all incoming messages but depend on the event data - for example customerId, orderId, etc. In that case, pass all info that is required to perform that custom index determination logic as a Map of parameters into the getIndexName(params) and getIndexType(params) methods (or pass NULL if no such data is required)

  • Do remember to set the index handler class in the indexHandlerClass property in the kafka-es-indexer.properties file. By default, BasicIndexHandler is used



Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
software distributed under the License is distributed on an
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