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Sensu Exporter Build Status

A Prometheus exporter for Sensu.

This app. will export Sensu check status as Prometheus metrics. So previous Sensu checks can be integrated into Prometheus.

To run it:

./sensu_exporter [flags]


$ ./sensu_exporter --help
Usage of ./sensu_exporter:
  -api string
      Address to Sensu API. (default "http://localhost:4567")
  -listen string
      Address to listen on for serving Prometheus Metrics. (default ":9251")

Exported Metrics

Metric Meaning Labels
sensu_check_status Check results in a metric vector, status 1 means OK client, check_name

Docker Docker Pulls

To run the sensu exporter as a Docker container, run:

docker run -p 9251:9251 reachlin/sensu_exporter --api="http://sensu_host:4567"