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julienben and gretzky Styled Components v4 (#2385)
Upgrade to `styled-components` v4 is fully tested and working. Minor doc updates included.

Tests are now using enzyme's `mount` and styled-components's `enzymeFind` util (perhaps a good argument for switching to `react-testing-library` per @Mensae's advice?).

Also, CSS linting had to be temporarily removed from CI suites as `stylelint` is giving an "Unknown word" error in `Circle.js`. (On a portion of the code that wasn't changed by the upgrade.) Will keep an eye on this and restore when possible.
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container Styled Components v4 (#2385) Oct 24, 2018
language Many documentation updates + no throw on stderr as potential AppVeyor… Jun 21, 2018
utils Removal of node 6 support means a return of the newer trailing commas Jun 21, 2018
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