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gretzky Webpack updates (#2382)
Rather than a huge ambitious webpack overhaul, I tackled just 1 big piece and 1 small: the DLL plugin and polyfills.


I've completely removed the DLL setup we had going and replaced it with `webpack.optimization` and `compression-webpack-plugin`.

I've set optimizations for splitting chunks in prod to handle vendor cache groups, which is pretty snappy in development. I've also setup `uglifyjs-webpack-plugin` to enable caching and multi-process parallel running at the same time (this is handled in optimization as well). Along with this, I've added compression plugin to build gzipped bundles. These are served by express and the bundles are cut down by half or more.


I've added [`react-app-polyfill`]( that has common polyfills for the browser and supports up to IE11.
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middlewares Removal of node 6 support means a return of the newer trailing commas Jun 21, 2018
argv.js Merge v3.5 release (#1929) Sep 22, 2017
index.js Webpack updates (#2382) Oct 24, 2018
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