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  • Feature: Support custom animation for <Tabs> (#3222)
  • Bugfix: Fix <ProgressBar> compatibility with React Hot Loader (#2965)
  • Docs: Add search to docs (#3094)
  • Chore: Upgrade to Babel 7 (#3044)
  • Chore: Upgrade to webpack 4 (#3075, #3100)



  • Bugfix: Do not allow more than one open panel in an accordion group (#2940)



  • Breaking: Refactor Panel API (#1769)

  • Breaking: Remove Pagination logic, for purely presentational components (#2587)

  • Feature: Switch to react-transition-group for Transition components (#2676)

  • Feature: Remove inconsistent preventDefaults onSelect events (#2790)

  • BugFix: Use different properties for mouseover and mouseout in handleMouseOverOut (#2908)

  • Docs: Add new Gatsby docs! (#2920)

  • Chore: replace old TransitionEvents (#2902)



  • Bugfix: Fix ES module build (#2856)



  • Feature: Support align on <Media.Body> (#2830)
  • Bugfix: Update react-overlays dependency to support React v16 (#2839, #2855)
  • Bugfix: Use a bound function for the base modal ref in <Modal> to prevent the ref getting set to null (#2844)
  • Chore: Update Babel configuration (#2821, #2837)



  • Bugfix: Support disabled on <ToggleButton> (#2760)
  • Bugfix: Handle space keydown events on <SafeAnchor> (#2697)
  • Bugfix: Handle reducing number of items in uncontrolled carousels (#2768)



  • Feature: Support backdropClassName on <Modal> (#2723)
  • Bugfix: Export <ToggleButton> and <ToggleButtonGroup> (#2704)
  • Bugfix: Pass through props on <ToggleButtonGroup> (#2731)
  • Bugfix: Fix <ToggleButtonGroup> in pre-ES2016 environments (#2731)



  • Feature: Add <ToggleButton> and <ToggleButtonGroup> (#2252, #2648)
  • Feature: Add <CloseButton> to top-level API (#2652)
  • Bugfix: Properly handle title on <Checkbox> and <Radio> (#2635, #2647)
  • Bugfix: Properly handle onLoad and onError on <Thumbnail> (#2687)
  • Bugfix: Properly handle defaultOpen on dropdown button components (#2702)
  • Chore: Switch from react-prop-types to prop-types-extra (#2621)
  • Chore: Rebuild UMD bundle with updated dependencies



  • Breaking: Rename aria-label prop to closeLabel on ModalHeader (#2584)
  • Breaking: Remove unused onClose callback on Dropdowns (use onToggle) (#2585)
  • Breaking: Increase minimal required React and ReactDOM versions to 0.14.9 or >=15.3.0 (#2579)
  • Bugfix: Consistently render accessible close buttons for Alerts and Modals (#2584)



  • Bugfix: Move prop-types to normal dependencies (#2576)



  • Feature: Export <PaginationButton> (#2505)
  • Bugfix: Support falsy eventKey (#2541)
  • Chore: Update for React v15.5 deprecations (#2552)



  • Feature: Support bsSize on <FormControl> (#2382, #2394)
  • Feature: Pass event and event source to onToggle callback for <Dropdown> (#2422)
  • Feature: Add restoreFocus to <Modal> (#2482)
  • Feature: Add mountOnEnter to transition and tab components (#2504)
  • Bugfix: Don't set aria-describedby in <OverlayTrigger> when not showing the overlay (#2359)
  • Bugfix: Fix boundaryLinks in <Pagination> (#2443)
  • Bugfix: Support closeButton in <Modal.Header> in static modals (#2453)
  • Bugfix: Fix <Carousel> with slide disabled (#2466)



  • Feature: Add componentClass to <Modal.Body>, <Modal.Footer>, and <Modal.Title> (#2313)
  • Feature: Add inputRef to <FormControl> (#2337)
  • Bugfix: Pass onMouseEnter and onMouseLeave to <Dropdown> rather than <Dropdown.Toggle> from <DropdownButton> and related components (#2335)
  • Refactor: Remove unused shouldRenderFill method on <Panel> (#2316)
  • Docs: Explicitly add placement to <Overlay> propTypes for generated documentation (#2318)
  • Docs: Explicitly document use of null (and undefined) validationState on <FormGroup> (#2336)



  • Feature: Add rootCloseEvent to <Dropdown> to configure root close trigger event (#2195)
  • Feature: Add screen reader labels configurable with prevLabel and nextLabel to <Carousel> controls (#2275)
  • Feature: Add collapseOnSelect to <Navbar> to enable automatically collapsing the navbar when the user selects an item (#2280, #2308)
  • Bugfix: Change placeholder href in <SafeAnchor> to # for better IE compatibility (#2080)
  • Bugfix: Fix off-by-one error in displaying <Pagination> pages (#2271)
  • Bugfix: Properly set .collapsed on <Panel> title anchor (#2276)





  • Bugfix: Properly set aria-expanded on <Panel> headers (#2137)
  • Bugfix: Fix off-by-one bug in <Pagination> #2189
  • Bugfix: Persist <Dropdown.Menu> instance across visibility changes (#2241)



  • Feature: Support dropdowns in tab navigation (#2134)
  • Bugfix: Properly pass expanded state to collapsible header elements (#2133, #2137)



  • Chore: Upgrade to Babel 6 (#2108)
  • Chore: Add ES module build (#2108)



  • Bugfix: Don't trigger PropTypes warning (#2095)
  • Bugfix: Fix regression with rootClose on <OverlayTrigger> (#2099)



  • Breaking: Remove linkId prop from <Breadcrumb.Item> for consistency with other wrapped link components (#2011)
  • Breaking: Remove deprecated functionality from v0.29.x (#2017)
  • Breaking: Remove redundant caption prop from <Carousel.Item>, as this functionality is available from <Carousel.Caption> (#2018)
  • Breaking: Remove pointless navItem and navDropdown props from <Button> (#2026)
  • Feature/Deprecation: Rename <PageItem> to <Pager.Item> for consistency (#1976)
  • Feature: Add ValidComponentChildren.toArray (#2016)
  • Feature: Add bsClass support consistently throughout all components (#2026, #2036, #2079)
  • Feature: Add splitBsProps and splitBsPropsAndOmit helpers to bootstrapUtils to remove Bootstrap styling props (#2052)
  • Feature: Improve IE8-compatible self collapse support on <Badge> and add it to <Label> (#2026)
  • Bugfix: Support style on <Modal> (#1957)
  • Bugfix: Support bsClass on <Dropdown.Toggle> (#2014)
  • Bugfix: Support active on <NavDropdown> (#2015)
  • Bugfix: Do not pass arbitrary props to DOM nodes (#2026, #2036, #2044)
  • Bugfix: Support strings for positionTop and positionLeft on <Popover> and <Tooltip> (#2026)
  • Bugfix: Support captions on <Thumbnail> links (#2026)
  • Bugfix: Don't ignore componentClass on <ListGroup> when using only <ListGroupItem> children (#2026)
  • Bugfix: Don't assign default key to <Breadcrumb>, <Carousel>, <ListGroup>, <Nav>, <PanelGroup>, <Pager>, or <ProgressBar> children (#2026, #2036)
  • Bugfix: Remove pointless update-deferral-during-onSelect logic in <PanelGroup> (#2026)
  • Bugfix: Use consistent bsClass handling on dropdown components (#2036)
  • Bugfix: Remove extraneous .collapsed on collapsible panel title anchor (#2036)
  • Bugfix: Improve edge case handling in tab animation state management and styling (#2036)
  • Bugfix: Stop assigning refs unnecessarily (#2078)
  • Refactor: Clean up context usage on navbar components (#2036)
  • Refactor: Sync up context usage on modals to other components (#2044)



  • Feature: Allow function refs on dropdown components (#1948)
  • Bugfix: Fix bugs with tab selection and state management (#1956)



  • Feature: Add inputRef to <Checkbox> and <Radio> (#1865)
  • Bugfix: Persist <Panel> events before modifying them (#1864)
  • Bugfix: Add back eventKey to props for custom pagination buttons (#1876)



  • Feature: Add unmountOnExit support to tabs (#1823)
  • Bugfix: Do not pass onSelect to DOM nodes (#1861)
  • Bugfix: Do not throw error when tab group has no panes (#1862)
  • Bugfix: Fix setting id for <NavItem>s for tabs (#1862)



  • Bugfix: Don't always set tabIndex on <SafeAnchor> (#1844)



  • Bugfix: Don't incorrectly pass onSelect past <TabContainer> (#1825)
  • Bugfix: Set role instead of type on <Dropdown.Toggle> button (#1835)



  • Breaking: Change onSelect signature to be (eventKey: any, event: SyntheticEvent) => any on all React-Bootstrap components, instead of the old inconsistent mishmash (#1604, #1677, #1756)
  • Breaking: Remove deprecated duration on transition components (#1608)
  • Breaking: Remove deprecated functionality from <Nav>, <Navbar>, and related components (#1608, #1745)
  • Breaking: Don't check for prefixed bsStyle in bootstrapUtils.getClassSet (#1759)
  • Breaking: Disable click handlers on disabled components (#1794)
  • Breaking: In components with wrapped anchors, pass through all props other than className and style to the wrapped anchor (#1801)
  • Breaking: Use consistent exports from bootstrapUtils (#1813)
  • Feature/Deprecation: Add lower-level tab components, and deprecate horizontal layout support in <Tabs> in favor of lower-level components (#1607, #1784)
  • Feature/Deprecation: Deprecate dialogComponent in favor of new dialogComponentClass on <Modal> for consistency with other components (#1753)
  • Feature/Deprecation: Rewrite form and form control API (<FormControl>, &c.), and deprecate the old API (<Input>, &c.) (#1765)
  • Deprecation: Deprecate dismissAfter on <Alert> (#1636)
  • Deprecation: Deprecate label interpolation (e.g. label="%(percent)s%") in <ProgressBar> (#1751)
  • Bugfix: Set collapsed class on <Navbar.Toggle> (#1733)



  • Feature: Support <Breadcrumb.Item> in addition to <BreadcrumbItem> for breadcrumb items (#1722)
  • Feature: Add <Carousel.Caption> for carousel captions (#1734)
  • Feature: Support <Carousel.Item> in addition to <CarouselItem> for carousel items (#1740)
  • Feature: Add <Clearfix> for grids (#1736)
  • Bugfix: Support style on nested <ProgressBar> (#1719)
  • Bugfix: Fix CommonJS export for <Media> (#1737)
  • Bugfix: Support className and style on <MenuItem header> and <MenuItem divider> (#1748)
  • Bugfix: Support extra props for <Navbar.Header> and <Navbar.Toggle> (#1754)



  • Feature: Add componentClass on <FormControls.Static> (#1653)
  • Feature: Add transition hooks on collapsible <Panel> (#1664)
  • Feature: Add <Media> and related components (#1707)
  • Bugfix: Support className on <MenuItem divider> (#1682)
  • Bugfix: Support className on <Navbar.Header> (#1695)

v0.28.3 - Thu, 11 Feb 2016 00:00:42 GMT

  • 922ecae [fixed] Allow overriding aria-label on toggle
  • f187e04 [fixed] Use actual ellipsis in pagination
  • f4c1525 [added] pagination boundaryLinks
  • 9331141 [fixed] remove extra tabIndex

v0.28.2 - Fri, 08 Jan 2016 06:38:06 GMT

  • 1bee8a2 [added] responsively hiding columns
  • 653bb17 [fixed] a11y: setting tabIndex="-1" for the dismiss button of Alerts since aria-hidden="true"
  • 1d07197 [fixed] don't add aria-label to modal header and close button
  • 035e553 [fixed] navbar-default not added for custom styles

v0.28.1 - Mon, 16 Nov 2015 20:04:34 GMT

v0.28.0 - Mon, 16 Nov 2015 18:42:38 GMT

  • 21cab20 [changed] dropdown props are passed through to the dropdown Button
  • f9ea411 [changed] navbar navExpanded to expanded
  • 0be007f [removed] Nav right prop in favor of pullRight
  • 5dbafd3 [changed] Split the Navbar component into sub-components
  • 59c9571 [changed] remove extra wrapping <nav> element in Nav components
  • 229cb2c [fixed] aria-label properly passed to the Modal header button
  • 345f4b4 [changed] Only add the navigation role to navbar when not using a
  • 44b3b9e [fixed] when overlay animation is false the transition prop passed to base overlay should be null so that it does not trigger a React PropTypes warning
  • 0f3ee3e [removed] bootstrap mixin
  • df2f1a3 [fixed] Don't clone children in ResponsiveEmbed

v0.27.3 - Mon, 26 Oct 2015 13:59:37 GMT

  • 9d5df37 [fixed] OverlayTrigger show/hide timeout management
  • 6e37b27 [fixed] Remove cross import between Button & ButtonInput
  • 6bad1e8 [fixed] Explicitly disallow justified Navbar Navs

v0.27.2 - Sun, 18 Oct 2015 02:21:06 GMT

  • e333c3d [fixed] Falsy href handling on MenuItem
  • 4f4017e [fixed] DropdownTitle children v. title
  • 8612b91 [fixed] Respect onClick on MenuItem
  • b64ed11 [fixed] Put onClick on correct element on NavItem
  • 9e4c041 [fixed] Incorrect 'aria-selected' on NavItem
  • 0b0ac36 [added] Custom labels for Pagination's special element (ellipsis, first, last, prev & next)

v0.27.1 - Thu, 08 Oct 2015 17:48:24 GMT

  • e64230c [fixed] Don't include react-dom in the bundles

v0.27.0 - Wed, 07 Oct 2015 21:49:21 GMT

  • 583febb [removed] unnecessary functionality in React v0.14
  • 049e538 [changed] Update for React v0.14

v0.26.2 - Wed, 07 Oct 2015 16:43:16 GMT

  • ca52c30 [fixed] Actually export the Image component
  • 73daba7 [fixed] Show toggle button when using NavBrand

v0.26.1 - Mon, 05 Oct 2015 02:04:27 GMT

v0.26.0 - Sun, 04 Oct 2015 21:21:22 GMT

  • b7853bb [fixed] Dropdown focus behavior on click
  • dbb0385 [added] #1320 allow NavItem class to be set
  • 3d13dda [fixed] #1287 ListGroupItem with onClick and header properly displays header
  • 3f5c6e3 [added] #1181 ListGroup supports componentClass prop
  • b5a9f3a [added] NavBrand Component
  • ac37698 [added] 'Responsive embed' component
  • 1c2d054 [fixed] Set the disabled css class so that the text is greyed out.
  • 0348274 [fixed] Breadcrumb and BreadcrumbItem components
  • 3c710f9 [added] Breadcrumb component
  • 99d333f [changed] use lodash-compat for IE8 compatibility and lodash for dev
  • ce564cb [fixed] any props not known by DropdownMenu are passed through to the underlying ul
  • 674d67e [added] images component
  • deee09d [fixed] stop rendering extra attributes on Progress bar dom nodes
  • 02f1fec [fixed] allow null activeKey (empty) selection
  • 656f40d [changed] 'id' prop-type made uniform throughout the project
  • b9a4477 [changed] use 'react-prop-types' instead of 'utils/CustomPropTypes'

v0.25.2 - Sat, 12 Sep 2015 15:59:13 GMT

  • f2c3b68 [changed] tab keyboard navigation to be more inline with ARIA spec
  • 0c27403 [fixed] Don't render Grid or Row with Tabs
  • b847dec [added] active prop on MenuItem (again)
  • 3a369cc [fixed] Error on opening dropdown without focusable items
  • bad277e [changed] Use PropTypes.node for validation and fix/add tests
  • 533530a [added] Adds a callout to the sr-only button in Closable Alerts
  • 1f29000 [fixed] screen-reader accessible dismiss button on alerts
  • c8a59c6 [fixed] OverlayTrigger hover triggers on mousenter/leave
  • 9c69271 [fixed] OverlayTrigger event handlers are properly maintained
  • da1d0bc [fixed] focus returns to the toggle by default onClose

v0.25.1 - Fri, 28 Aug 2015 18:30:59 GMT

  • 478300a [fixed] Handle falsey DropdownMenu children correctly
  • c450e96 [fixed] stop rendering extra attributes on Progress bar dom nodes
  • 3ceb7af [fixed] allow null activeKey (empty) selection
  • a7f93ae [fixed] title is not passed to tab pane DOM node
  • 1bee466 [changed] 'id' prop-type made uniform throughout the project
  • e438250 [fixed] 'isRequireForA11y' undefined/null checking
  • 664b465 [fixed] id passthrough for MenuItem

v0.25.0 - Tue, 25 Aug 2015 18:56:33 GMT

  • 8776128 [fixed] Affix in IE10 - scrollHeight #1073
  • adad32e [added] PropType validation for headerRole and panelRole
  • 346501e [changed] DropdownButton, SplitButton, DropdownMenu, MenuItem completely rewritten
  • 653d2ff [changed] deprecate domUtils as a public API
  • 769781d [added] accessibility props for PanelGroup and Panels.
  • 5f0ac64 [added] Implements a generalized left-aligned version of tabs
  • 628d586 [changed] deprecated Position, Transition, Portal
  • 03a6a61 [changed] deprecated the Transition duration prop
  • 459ab0c [added] #460 ListGroupItem outputs when an onClick handler is set.
  • e482ede [fixed] wrong tabs switching animation for 'Tabs' component
  • b62e1f5 [fixed] wrong tabs switching animation for 'TabbedArea' component
  • d0ff625 [added] aria role "tablist" to the Nav on Tabs
  • e7cf455 [changed] New Tabs API
  • f6d32c4 [changed] deprecate 'utils/CustomPropTypes' exporting
  • caff9a0 [removed] Factory support

v0.24.5 - Fri, 14 Aug 2015 18:02:13 GMT

  • dc2a07a [fixed] Collapse exported as Fade
  • f53bcf5 [fixed] 'bsSize' and 'bsStyle' properties has been removed from 'Glyphicon'

v0.24.4 - Mon, 10 Aug 2015 19:33:35 GMT

  • b688014 [added] custom feedback icons for Input
  • 83cdaa3 [added] formControlFeedback prop to Glyphicon
  • 2ecac68 [fixed] Modal uses provided className again
  • 47bd7f6 [fixed] disabled pagination buttons should not fire 'onSelect'
  • c60dc03 [fixed] only add aria-expanded to Collapse when an ARIA role is present

v0.24.3 - Fri, 31 Jul 2015 18:09:54 GMT

  • 02f8966 [changed] Update dependencies
  • bae8ba9 [fixed] Carousel checks if it is mounted before setting state
  • fd8d4d2 [fixed] regression when clicking "static" modal backdrops
  • 0f46a97 [added] Allow custom Modal dialog components
  • a4ce7e1 [fixed] added finalisation for the Modal when it was unbound from the tree
  • d89d5f3 [fixed] Modal error when backdrop is false
  • f410904 [added] 'xs, sm, md, lg' values for 'bsSize'
  • 2558f32 [fixed] TabbedArea panes rendering with animation
  • 90aece6 [changed] Simplify 'styleMaps.STYLES' to be of Array type
  • 860d168 [fixed] allow totally custom styles via 'bsStyle'
  • 74da76a [fixed] Prevent click on PageItem if disabled

v0.24.2 - Sat, 25 Jul 2015 00:47:07 GMT

  • 4271eb3 [fixed] add lodash as direct dependency

v0.24.1 - Fri, 24 Jul 2015 23:12:09 GMT

  • e5155c6 [fixed] ensure last focused item can be focused
  • 6a541ff [added] buttonComponentClass prop for Pagination
  • 29fe417 [fixed] overlay classNames are maintained by overlayTrigget
  • d272389 [added] Overlay and OverlayTrigger accept Transition callbacks
  • 596f40c [fixed] Modal uses bsClass prop to set its classes
  • 86d3feb [fixed] added missed 'aria-label' prop type validation for 'ModalHeader'
  • 58eaab0 [changed] pass transition callbacks to Modal Transition
  • abccff9 [changed] expose static Modal Dialog component
  • b5c1893 [changed] unfix 'babel' back.

v0.24.0 - Tue, 21 Jul 2015 22:13:05 GMT

  • 924f8fb [fixed] Tooltip accepts a style prop
  • dd064ad [fixed] remove extraneous styling
  • c837d8d [fixed] Only calculate overlay position on display
  • fbf9ed6 [changed] Add deprecation warning that factories will be removed
  • a4385d3 [fixed] Portal doesn't mount extra node
  • 6744b94 [fixed] 'modalClassName' property for 'ModalTitle'
  • 3e6523a [added] ListGroup supports iterator as child
  • ec368f0 [added] Fade Component, replaces FadeMixin
  • 0503507 [added] Collapse Component, replaces CollapsibleMixin
  • 4fb7e0d [changed] Remove Overlay and Modal deprecations
  • 0683df7 [fixed] 'stacked' progress with 'active' and 'striped' children
  • a3c5400 [fixed] Add missed 'type' property React.PropTypes. checking
  • a4c065e [added] links to every component / example on Components page
  • eb0c323 [fixed] Position.js typo componentDidUpate
  • 9feddf9 [fixed] 'componentWillReceiveProps' method name of Position component
  • c64679f [fixed] Active Next and Last button in Pagination when ellipsis=true and items=0
  • 9dae734 [fixed] Negative page number in Pagination when ellipsis=true and items=1
  • ffbcf39 [fixed] html id and class attributes handling for Nav
  • 89ea6ed [fixed] Add missed propType validation for Button 'type' property
  • b1b6a4c [changed] Add two-release deprecation policy
  • e89b9bc [removed] Don't need to disable Babel cache
  • d12d59e [changed] Enabled "loose" Babel transpilation
  • 01c547f [fixed] Do not use Babel cache for release build
  • b67081b [fixed] rootClose behavior on replaced elements
  • fbbb344 [fixed] bower template.
  • fafe46f [changed] Use named exports in index files
  • 6e985b0 [removed] Individual files in bower release
  • 598b9d8 [fixed] SafeAnchor event ordering
  • beaa1fa [changed] PaginationButton to use SafeAnchor
  • 9c09e2a [fixed] Keyboard accessibility for anchors serving as buttons
  • ce5b436 [removed] Input type=submit deprecation warning.

v0.23.7 - Wed, 01 Jul 2015 15:18:30 GMT

  • 35ea201 [fixed] Accidental breaking change in Modal trigger

v0.23.6 - Wed, 01 Jul 2015 00:48:02 GMT

  • 1b1af04 [changed] deprecate ModalTrigger
  • 83b4cbc [changed] Modal doesn't require ModalTrigger
  • d70f617 [changed] tooltips and popovers required id's for a11y
  • 389cf3f [changed] Deprecate OverlayTrigger positioning api and "manual" trigger
  • 5eb8666 [added] Overlay component
  • 1638f69 [added] Position component for custom Overlays
  • f799110 [added] Portal component; replaces OverlayMixin
  • 97ef415 [fixed] Modal won't steal focus from children
  • a8b177a [fixed] Stack overflow with nested Modals
  • 3caa866 [changed] Update babel-loader
  • 6ffa325 [fixed] 'componentClass' property type is 'elementType' now
  • 0e5980f [added] 'elementType' custom prop type validator
  • 8f582d2 [changed] Update karma-chrome-launcher. Dev dependency
  • d4089d0 [changed] Update eslint-plugin-mocha. Dev dependency
  • fd547f4 [changed] Update karma-mocha. Dev dependency.
  • c5797e8 [added] componentClass prop to Jumbotron

v0.23.5 - Tue, 23 Jun 2015 01:31:35 GMT

  • 23f9d21 [changed] Add missed prop types validations.
  • 320b7ab [changed] Update fs-extra. Dev dependency.
  • 2ffcf5d [fixed] Popovers flicker when moving mouse amongst children of the trigger
  • ccc50e0 [fixed] Accessibility: Panel header uses aria-controls
  • 1e552cc [added] Accessibility: use appropriate ARIA's when an id is given to the tabbed area
  • 8752754 [added] Add linkId prop to NavItem
  • 722969d [added] Accessibility, add tab roles when type "tabs"
  • 4adaa70 [added] Accessibility: role 'alert' and aria-label to Alert component
  • 2594dce [fixed] Modal Null Exception when react-bootstrap is loaded before the Body tag
  • e77bf88 [changed] Update eslint. Dev dependency.

v0.23.4 - Tue, 16 Jun 2015 00:37:04 GMT

  • 0ce46b9 [changed] only autofocus modals when enforceFocus is true (the default)
  • c5855d2 [changed] createChainedFunction to chain many functions, and to throw if non-functions are provided.
  • d18dadb [fixed] container content no longer shifts when overflowing
  • 66f0f92 [added] enforceFocus prop to Modal
  • 3869ca2 [fixed] Modal doesn't "jump" when container is overflowing

v0.23.3 - Fri, 12 Jun 2015 21:46:30 GMT

  • 9ca26e9 [added] contains "polyfill" to domUtils
  • 3a254a1 [added] Deprecation warning for individual file use in the Bower release
  • 73c7705 [changed] Update chai. Dev dependency.
  • 3ca90c7 [changed] Update karma-sinon-chai. Dev dependency.
  • cc4e820 [changed] Update fs-extra. Dev dependency.

v0.23.2 - Mon, 08 Jun 2015 18:56:48 GMT

  • 7211dcb [added] Add prevIcon and nextIcon props as node proptypes to Carousel
  • 5734ec3 [added] Pagination component
  • 2f8c454 [changed] Assert ProgressBar children can be ProgressBar only.
  • 2c46820 [added] createSelectedEvent for consistent onSelect handling
  • c2ff9ad [added] property disabled on MenuItem

v0.23.1 - Tue, 02 Jun 2015 16:57:57 GMT

  • 4d265f0 [fixed] Use babel api to avoid command line conflicts between Linux and Windows
  • 0cfbf3b [fixed] IE8 will now close an open DropdownButton menu when clicking button
  • d105749 [added] utils object to exported src/index
  • 29bc64f [changed] Remove Dev dependency babel-plugin-object-assign.
  • 1fec852 [changed] Update karma-phantomjs-launcher. Dev dependency.
  • f494604 [changed] Update eslint. Dev dependency.
  • a4331ed [changed] Make the brand name consistent.
  • b213be0 [changed] Remove ES6 sources from npm distribution.
  • 73c5ec9 [changed] Remove extraneous utils/Object.assign.js
  • 935171f [added] Now accepting a block property on the ButtonGroup component. Closes #240.
  • dfec023 [added] CustomPropType.all to allow multiple validations

v0.23.0 - Tue, 26 May 2015 19:32:52 GMT

  • fd24317 [changed] Removed collapsable deprecated functionality.
  • 3ebac95 [fixed] bug #731. babel ES6 import + React quirk.
  • 0c61f46 [changed] Moving type=static out of Input
  • 2749cfd [added] CustomPropTypes.singlePropFrom
  • 536c3e0 [fixed] Replaced document with ownerDocument in Modal
  • 91f0222 [changed] Update css-loader. Dev dependency.
  • 66e41a4 [fixed] Fix scroll top calculation for overlays
  • 5313abe [fixed] Modal is focused when opened, for improved accessibility
  • 50d058a [fixed] server side rendering for Modal component
  • c57d6b0 [changed] Update css-loader. Dev dependency.

v0.22.6 - Wed, 20 May 2015 16:46:29 GMT

  • 2a35eab [fixed] Fix CodeMirrorEditor binding
  • 5dc0ac2 [added] Enable rootClose for OverlayTrigger

v0.22.5 - Tue, 19 May 2015 20:40:51 GMT

  • dc7ef19 [added] dialogClassName prop to modal to be able to pass custom css class to modal-dialog div
  • 658fa39 [fixed] Remove unused variable

v0.22.4 - Mon, 18 May 2015 16:53:06 GMT

  • 9d17d56 [added] Thumbnail component
  • db018fa [fixed] Put AMD modules under correct path
  • 0904adc [added] Active property to MenuItem component
  • 1658142 [added] Property for animation on Popover and Tooltip
  • 4f37560 [fixed] Update classnames dep version for Bower
  • f6e7d67 [fixed] Bower cannot use code from react/lib.
  • 1531ac9 [added] DropdownButton now applies onClick prop to Button
  • ecb0861 [fixed] Fix propType warning in ButtonInputExample
  • 592a346 [fixed] Forward classes to panel title

v0.22.3 - Thu, 14 May 2015 22:19:11 GMT

  • 96baa15 [fixed] Fix propTypes for overlays

v0.22.2 - Thu, 14 May 2015 20:36:17 GMT

  • 03211db [fixed] Fit overlay within viewport boundary
  • 576827f [changed] Introducing ButtonInput

v0.22.1 - Thu, 14 May 2015 17:54:32 GMT

  • d3f57c5 [added] TabbedArea allows disabled tabs

v0.22.0 - Wed, 13 May 2015 18:31:52 GMT

  • 061bef2 [fixed] update link to react-router-bootstrap in README
  • 0fb9b57 [changed] Updated extract-text-webpack-plugin. Dev dependency.
  • ca689c0 [changed] Updated eslint dev-dependency
  • 0f90799 [added] react-hot-loader when developing docs
  • 4cd5845 [added] FormGroup/Input bsSize now propgates correctly as form-group-* classes
  • 6ce8870 [added] Introduction Page.
  • 1c6c74b [fixed] Modal div.modal-content should not have hidden class
  • 51a205f [changed] collapsable => collapsible property
  • f77c955 [changed] Updated classnames dependency
  • 5a76e94 [added] favicon
  • 8da11b4 [added] convenience factories for non-JSX users in lib/factories

v0.21.2 - Fri, 01 May 2015 19:36:56 GMT

  • a07aa20 [fixed] Bug introduced by new deprecation code.
  • fef8984 [fixed] #597 able to set ID on ListGroup

v0.21.1 - Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:44:50 GMT

  • 3767c43 [added] Added buttonClassName to DropdownButton
  • e59c4f8 [added] Clarification about implementing components.
  • 0105127 [changed] Renamed Collapsable* => Collapsible*
  • 6b9c250 [fixed] Fix for bug 547 in tools/release.
  • b86e03e [fixed] ListGroup rendering a ul when ListGroupItem has onClick handler
  • ddc8a85 [changed] Updated eslint dev-dependency
  • 18c22ba [changed] Updated style-loader dev-dependency
  • 01c16c1 [changed] Updated css-loader dev-dependency
  • c295a9a [fixed] ModalTrigger passes onFocus prop and onBlur prop to child
  • 131669b [fixed] ModalTrigger passes onMouseOver prop and onMouseOut prop to child
  • 1249eff [fixed] OverlayTrigger passes onClick prop to child
  • 5f565b9 [added] Docs example of passing component to navbar brand.
  • 7811ce2 [added] Dry run and verbose options to release process
  • 22da8f9 [fixed] ListGroup children array bugs. Fixes #548
  • b17a7b3 [added] release-docs script
  • 4fedc95 [fixed] Bug in Server vs Client side rendering of Navbar
  • 1d8b7c7 [fixes] #516 [added] TabbedArea NavItem renderTab() className
  • 725deaa [changed] Updated css-loader dev-dependency
  • eb29b11 [changed] Updated style-loader dev-dependency
  • bc8cd5c [fixed] Fix for bug507.

v0.21.0 - Tue, 21 Apr 2015 13:38:38 GMT

  • e92a64b [fixed] Handle multiple children in Badge
  • c1b189f [changed] Updated babel* tools. dev-dependency
  • a58eab5 [fixed] Fix 'import from' => 'import'
  • 276c2bc [fixed] ProgressBar percentage issue when stacked
  • e1c95b3 [changed] Renamed constants to styleMaps and added styleMaps.addStyle()
  • 20b608f [fixed] Add missed semicolons.
  • 2111799 [fixed] Remove unused variables.
  • 0e6b62a [fixed] typo
  • 0c87128 [fixed] ListGroup outputs <ul> or <div> depending on ListGroupItem (defaults to <ul> if no ListGroupItem). ListGroupItem outputs <li> or <a> if href prop is set.

v0.20.3 - Fri, 10 Apr 2015 19:50:22 GMT

  • 3ecd393 [fixed] Missing PropType Validations
  • 8a9e95c [fixed] Include missing PropType validations
  • 6dfcf36 [changed] Internal variables classSet to classNames

v0.20.2 - Tue, 07 Apr 2015 01:51:55 GMT

  • 723ee4d [fixed] Release scripts usage of rimraf
  • 7175431 [fixed] Don't try to access .ownerDocument on null
  • a58cff9 [fixed] Numerous ESlint warnings (Removes 145 warnings)
  • c6c4108 [added] Twitter follow link to docs page footer
  • 20472b9 [fixed] Windows build

v0.20.1 - Sat, 04 Apr 2015 14:22:18 GMT

  • a060fbc [fixed] Re-add missing constants to public API

v0.20.0 - Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:04:40 GMT

  • f1438b5 [changed] Updated eslint-plugin-react dev-dependency
  • c8dda3f [added] HuBoard badge and link
  • ee0382e [fixed] Use .ownerDocument instead of root document
  • 182344a [changed] Updated express dev-dependency
  • 6edadbd [changed] Updated mocha dev-dependency
  • 64ac86d [changed] React dependency from 0.13.0 -> 0.13.1
  • 367b870 [changed] Updated karma-chai dev-dependency
  • 1956d2a [changed] Updated style-loader dev-dependency
  • 76c87bf [changed] Updated ESLint dev-dependency
  • 84b9113 [changed] Update Bootstrap to 3.3.4
  • bfb3e6c [added] standalone prop to Input, which will not render the form-group class
  • 721aacc [fixed] Documentation on react install
  • 6907e03 [changed] Renamed src/main.js -> src/index.js
  • 5118b42 [added] Test for carousel control behaviour with wrap=true
  • ea479db [fixed] show carousel controls if wrap is enabled

v0.19.1 - Thu, 26 Mar 2015 19:37:01 GMT

  • 2b7d235 [fixed] Re-added CollapsableNav to public API

v0.19.0 - Wed, 25 Mar 2015 21:25:57 GMT

  • 98ee978 [changed] Source to ES6 using Babel and Webpack

v0.18.0 - Tue, 24 Mar 2015 02:56:15 GMT

  • 728c2b0 [fixed] docs CodeMirror scroll height too big
  • d282621 [fixed] Split buttons with React 0.13
  • 549da6e [added] react-router dependency for docs
  • 804c24a [added] Support for React 0.13.x
  • 4c26075 [fixed] Build status badge
  • 70f8596 [added] Travis CI Optimization

v0.17.0 - Tue, 17 Mar 2015 15:03:27 GMT

v0.16.1 - Tue, 03 Mar 2015 23:04:19 GMT

  • 71ff264 [added] bsSize prop to Input, supporting input groups

v0.16.0 - Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:01:37 GMT

  • 25b4143 [fixed] Define toggleNavKey in the propTypes
  • 1a4ae1d [fixed] Fix rendering Navbar header when toggleNavKey is 0
  • 13f395d [added] bsStyle prop support for Modal to set the header color
  • c822837 [removed] non-standard onClick props for ListGroup and ListGroupItem
  • 1556e63 [added] Example for collapsable Navbar in docs.

v0.15.1 - Tue, 17 Feb 2015 14:30:54 GMT

  • 587a34f [fixed] Include .npmignore so compile lib dir is published

v0.15.0 - Mon, 16 Feb 2015 02:41:59 GMT

  • 1ef51cb [added] Changelog generation from commit messages
  • 13baeaa [added] Release task to push and tag docs and bower repos
  • 0193046 [changed] Move built components to lib directory