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Apps built with Create React Native App rely on three project dependencies:

  • react-native provides the core React Native functionality
  • react is a peer dependency of react-native
  • expo makes CRNA projects compatible with the Expo client app, and also provides access to several native APIs through JavaScript

The app.json file in a CRNA project also specifies sdkVersion which is necessary for the Expo client to provide the correct native API versions.

Each version of these dependencies is only compatible with a narrow version range of the other two. See the below table for the correct versions to use with each other (oldest first):

react-native react expo sdkVersion in app.json
0.46.x 16.0.0-alpha.12 19.x.x "19.0.0"
0.47.x 16.0.0-alpha.12 20.x.x "20.0.0"
0.48.x 16.0.0-alpha.12 21.x.x "21.0.0"
0.49.x 16.0.0-beta.5 22.x.x "22.0.0"
0.50.x 16.0.0 23.x.x "23.0.0"
0.51.x 16.0.0 24.x.x "24.0.0"
0.52.x 16.2.0 25.x.x "25.0.0"
0.54.x 16.3.0-alpha.1 26.x.x "26.0.0"
0.55.x 16.3.1 27.x.x "27.0.0"