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React steps component.

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npm install rc-steps
<Steps current={1}>
  <Steps.Step title="first" />
  <Steps.Step title="second" />
  <Steps.Step title="third" />



online example:


name type default description
type string default diretypetion of Steps, enum: `default` or `navigation`
direction string horizontal direction of Steps, enum: `horizontal` or `vertical`
current number 0 index of current step
initial number 0 index initial
size string size of Steps, could be `small`
labelPlacement string placement of step title, could be `vertical`
status string wait status of current Steps, could be `error` `process` `finish` `wait`
icons { finish: ReactNode, error: ReactNode } spicify the default finish icon and error icon
onChange (current: number) => void Trigger when Step changed


name type default description
title ReactNode title of step item
subTitle ReactNode subTitle of step item
description ReactNode description of step item
icon ReactNode set icon of step item
status string status of current Steps, could be `error` `process` `finish` `wait`
tailContent ReactNode content above tail
disabled bool false disabled step when onChange exist


npm install
npm start


rc-steps is released under the MIT license.

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