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Latest commit

* upgrade to yarn 3.3.1

* update core libraries

* use rome formatter

* semver

* run rome fixes/formats

* add rome checks

* fix some yarn peerDeps

* test update

* replace prettier with rome in docsite

* update lockfile

* disable some eslint rules, add turborepo

* use turbo for build

* mark some tasks as internal

* add turbo-server to gh-action

* ignore tests with swcrc

* update tests to run per-package

* remove eslint dep from dnd-core

* push linting down into packages; use common linting config

* add release script to each package

* update vscode settings

* update rome checks

* enable turbo in ci

* add node 18 to test matrix

* set turbo-token env-var in CI

* minor doc update to test turbo

* update turbo globs

* readme update to test turbo

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July 11, 2020 11:35
February 22, 2021 02:52
November 22, 2019 11:44
February 10, 2021 20:41