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πŸŽ™ cool kids learn in public
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βš›οΈ <RK />

React Knowledgeable, nicknamed <RK />, is a fun and friendly podium to share what we learn about React.

This repo is used to collect and organize talk proposals for our events.

You can find all our talk information and schedules in our issues.

You may also find us here:

πŸ“ cool kids learn in public

The guiding principle of <RK /> is to #learnInPublic, share knowledge and have fun. Everyone is encouraged to keep giving talks about what you learned and found interesting.

⚑️ we will be doing lightning talks

So, cool kids. Lightning talks don't mean just short. Lightning talks are super cool and fun, and guess what, compact and fast-paced! Here is one of the most amazing lightning talk we've seen. Andres Suarez had 270 seconds to introduce everyone to Flow with nuclide, he asks you to buckle up, and at 33 seconds he has his slide that says DEMO.

If you need ideas to talk, think about the following question

  • What is an interesting problem that you encountered this week? Please tell us how you solved it
  • What is a trending idea that you'd like to give a try? You can build a demo and show-and-tell us about it
  • Are you just learning React? You can talk about your learning progress, where you got confused, and how you managed to get over it (or not yet)
  • Have you been reading the source code of some project and discovered something you previously didn't know? Try packing it into a few bullet points and go lightning about it
  • Maybe you have a full-length talk, consider doing a lightning version at and test if your idea makes sense πŸ€—

πŸŽ™ submitting talks

Create an issue at our repo and follow the issue template.

Note Your talk title must contain an emoji.

To learn about the talk details for past and upcoming events, check out our talks and events issues.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βš–οΈ CoC

Any participants, including internal team members, speakers and guests, are required to agree to our Code of Conduct.

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