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React Knowledgeable

React Knowledgeable is a fun and friendly podium to share what we learn about React.

This repo is the community site for <RK />.

πŸ–₯ Developing locally

You will need an Airtable API key to develop locally

  1. Run yarn (or npm install)
  2. Set up GitHub Personal Access Token, refer to Authenticating with GraphQL for requisite scope
  3. Acquire Airtable API Key and Base ID and set it into your environment. Your Airtable base should have a table named Attendees and short string fields with "Event ID", "Github Username", "Created Date", "Name" and "Type".
  4. Run yarn start or npm start (see below for variable configuration).

API Keys

You can either create a .env file, or specify these keys when running the start command:


// .env file


πŸŽ™ Talk slides

  1. Go to one of the meetup pages, i.e.
  2. Press p for presentation mode
  3. Paging controls:
    • space or j: next page
    • k: previous page
    • digits 0 ~ 9: respective pages

Random things to note

If you use npm instead of yarn, you may run into the following error:

The above error occurred in the <StoreStateProvider> component:
    in StoreStateProvider
    in App

React will try to recreate this component tree from scratch using the error boundary you provided, App.
Warning: App: Error boundaries should implement getDerivedStateFromError(). In that method, return a state update to display an error message or fallback UI.

The actual cause of this error might be due to the differences between how both package managers handle things. Running yarn and letting the yarn resolve dependencies will fix the issue.

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