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<Polyline /> Component API


Prop Type Default Note
coordinates Array<LatLng> (Required) An array of coordinates to describe the polyline
strokeWidth Number 1 The stroke width to use for the path.
strokeColor String #000, rgba(r,g,b,0.5) The stroke color to use for the path.
strokeColors Array<String> null The stroke colors to use for the path (iOS only). Must be the same length as coordinates.
lineCap String round The line cap style to apply to the open ends of the path. Possible values are butt, round or square. Note: lineCap is not yet supported for GoogleMaps provider on iOS.
lineJoin String round The line join style to apply to corners of the path. Possible values are miter, round or bevel.
miterLimit Number The limiting value that helps avoid spikes at junctions between connected line segments. The miter limit helps you avoid spikes in paths that use the miter lineJoin style. If the ratio of the miter length—that is, the diagonal length of the miter join—to the line thickness exceeds the miter limit, the joint is converted to a bevel join. The default miter limit is 10, which results in the conversion of miters whose angle at the joint is less than 11 degrees.
geodesic Boolean Boolean to indicate whether to draw each segment of the line as a geodesic as opposed to straight lines on the Mercator projection. A geodesic is the shortest path between two points on the Earth's surface. The geodesic curve is constructed assuming the Earth is a sphere.
lineDashPhase Number 0 (iOS only) The offset (in points) at which to start drawing the dash pattern. Use this property to start drawing a dashed line partway through a segment or gap. For example, a phase value of 6 for the patter 5-2-3-2 would cause drawing to begin in the middle of the first gap.
lineDashPattern Array<Number> null An array of numbers specifying the dash pattern to use for the path. The array contains one or more numbers that indicate the lengths (measured in points) of the line segments and gaps in the pattern. The values in the array alternate, starting with the first line segment length, followed by the first gap length, followed by the second line segment length, and so on.
tappable Bool false Boolean to allow a polyline to be tappable and use the onPress function.


Event Name Returns Notes
onPress Callback that is called when the user presses on the polyline


type LatLng {
  latitude: Number,
  longitude: Number,

Gradient Polylines (iOS MapKit only)

Gradient polylines can be created by using the strokeColors prop. strokeColors must be an array with the same number of elements as coordinates.


import MapView, { Polyline } from 'react-native-maps';

			{ latitude: 37.8025259, longitude: -122.4351431 },
			{ latitude: 37.7896386, longitude: -122.421646 },
			{ latitude: 37.7665248, longitude: -122.4161628 },
			{ latitude: 37.7734153, longitude: -122.4577787 },
			{ latitude: 37.7948605, longitude: -122.4596065 },
			{ latitude: 37.8025259, longitude: -122.4351431 }
		strokeColor="#000" // fallback for when `strokeColors` is not supported by the map-provider
			'#00000000', // no color, creates a "long" gradient between the previous and next coordinate
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