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This library wraps the native Google Cast SDK for Android and iOS (and maybe web/Chrome in the future), providing a unified JavaScript interface.

It is written in TypeScript so types will always be up-to-date.

Version overview

RNGC React Native Purpose
1.x 🤷‍♂️ Old version implemented for Google Cast SDK v2 with manual discoverability. Not maintained anymore.
3.x >=0.40 Rewrite of the library for Google Cast SDK v3 with automatic session management. Only bug fixes will be merged.
4.x >=0.60 Current version with a completely rewritten API, closely resembling native Android/iOS(/Chrome?) APIs. We highly recommend to use the latest version.



Refer to the example folder to find a React Native version of the CastVideos reference app.


Refer to the playground folder to find a sample app demonstrating the available APIs provided by the library.


As this library requires native dependencies that are not available in the default Expo bundle, you'll need to eject to bare workflow. That will enable you to continue using Expo for the parts of the app that don't need casting, and then test Cast-specific functionality in a standalone build.


See Troubleshooting in the docs.


  1. Read
  2. Fork the repo
  3. Implement your shiny new thing
  4. Demonstrate how to use it in the playground project
  5. Document the functionality in JSDoc and the docs
  6. Create a pull request