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Follow these instructions to install React Native Elements!


Start using the components or try it on Snack here.

import { Button } from 'react-native-elements';

<Button />;

Components included:

RNE Ecosystem:

React Native Elements also serves as a platform that connects small teams/individuals that needs help developing their RN app with open source contributors that are willing to build complex UI screens & animated interactions for 💰💰💰.

Here are some of the screens that our developers have created so far:

If this sounds interesting and you would like to participate, kindly open a new issue with the design & spec of the UI screen that you need to be developed. One of our developers will respond to your issue with an estimate of time & cost.

It's built on top of RNE & Open Collective. If you have any feedback or would like to know more details about this kindly contact Monte Thakkar.

Expo Demo App

Checkout the official React Native Elements App on Expo which uses all of the React Native Elements components.

If you are looking to contribute to the React Native Elements App, click here to view the implementation & run the RNE expo app locally.

v1.0 Roadmap 🏃 🏎 🏇

Current release: 1.0.0-beta7

New Features:

  • Button component (re-write) - @monte9
  • Input component (re-write) - @monte9 & @xavier-villelegier
  • Search component - Platform specific (re-write) - @xavier-villelegier
  • Avatar component (refactored) - @monte9
  • Production-ready screens 🔥 💯 🎸 - @monte9, @xavier-villelegier, @martinezguillaume
  • Launching RNE Ecosystem 🚀 - @monte9
  • ListItem component - Platform specific (re-write) - @martinezguillaume, @johot
  • Themes support - NEW - @iRoachie
  • React Native Web support - NEW - @Gregor1971 WIP - branch - PR

v1.0 TODO:

  • Update docs for Button component
  • Update docs for Input component
  • Update docs for Search component
  • Write detailed release notes with new features & breaking changes
  • Update react, react-native & other dependencies
  • Update docs for ListItem component
  • Write docs for Themes support
  • Write docs for migration from v0.19.1 to 1.0.0 - $200
  • Create a compelling demo/example app for RNE + RNW (Checkout rn-web branch or this PR comment for context) - $50
  • Write docs for React Native Web support (Checkout rn-web branch or this PR comment for context) - $50
  • Recreate Settings page on iOS & android (to show listItem + searchBar + themes components) - WIP - @martinezguillaume

Feel free to reach out to us on our Slack channel if you have any questions about what to work on.

Release plan:

Since this is a beta release, any new installation of react-native-elements will get v0.19.1. If you would like to try out our v1.0.0 beta releases (we highly suggest you do), run the following command:

yarn add react-native-elements@beta

Since v1 has a lot of API changes (many of which are breaking changes due to re-written components), the v1.0.0 beta releases are meant to give our users a heads up and give them plenty of time to migrate their apps to v1.

The official v1.0.0 will be released around December 2018 🎉

Test v1.0 components

You can test new features of the v1.0.0 beta releases on Expo Snack by modifying the package.json file:

"react-native-elements": "^1.0.0-beta"

This will install the latest beta release of React Native Elements.


View the full docs here


Interested in contributing to this repo? Check out our Contributing Guide and submit a PR for a new feature/bug fix.

First Contributors

We encourage everyone to contribute & submit PR's especially first-time contributors. Look for the label Good First Issue on the issues. Click here to see them.

If there is something you's like to see or request a new feature, please submit an issue or a pull request.

Slack Community

In case you have any other question or would like to come say Hi! to the RNE community, join our Slack team. See you on the other side! 👋😃


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