Demo app for React Native Elements UI library
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React Native Elements App

React Native Elements App

This is the Demo app for React Native Elements UI kit built with Expo. In this app you will find examples on how to use various components as well as Production-ready screens which showcase how to combine multiple components to built entire views in your app.

This repo uses React Native Elements as a submodule through /node_modules/react-native-elements. Hence once you clone this repo, you can make changes to any RNE /src files, test these changes through this example app and also commit directly to the main RNE repo.

Expo App)

Get Started

  1. Clone the project
git clone --recursive
  1. Install node_modules
cd react-native-elements-app && npm install
  1. Verify submodule
cd node_modules/react-native-elements

git branch -v (should show master branch of react-native-elements)
  1. Open app with Expo Desktop Client
  • If you have never used Expo before, click here to install it.
  • Then create a new account on the Expo Desktop client that you just installed. Follow this if you need help.
  • Then click Project -> Open Project and select the examples folder from Step 2 above.
  • Finally run the app on simulator or your device.

🌮 RNE v1-beta 🍰

New Features:

  • Button component - re-written from scratch [@monte9]
  • Input component - re-written from scratch [@monte9 & @xavier-villelegier]
  • Search component - re-written from scratch - Platform specific [@xavier-villelegier]
  • ListItem component - re-written from scratch - Platform specific [@martinezguillaume, @johot]
  • Avatar component - refactored with cleaner API [@monte9]
  • Production-ready screens - 🔥 💯 🎸 [@monte9, @xavier-villelegier, @martinezguillaume]
  • Launching RNE Ecosystem 👍
  • Additional features - WIP

Release date:

The current plan is to continue development on v1 until end of November. Please feel free to request new features or let us know what you would like to see improved on RNE v1. We also welcome PR's. 🙌

RNE v1-beta is slated to release in the second week of December. Since v1 has a lot of API changes (many of which are breaking changes due to re-written components), we will be releasing v1-beta to give users enough time to migrate their apps to v1 as well as give us time to iterate on feedback from the community.

The official v1 will be released in 2018 🎉 around mid-January.

Major contributors:

  • @xavier-villelegier 🔥
  • @iRoachie 💯
  • @martinezguillaume 🎸
  • @johot 🙏

RNE Ecosystem:

It's a platform that connects small teams/anyone that needs help developing their RN app to open source contributors that are willing to build complex UI screens & animated interactions for 💰. It's built on top of RNE & Open Collective.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to participate, please leave an 👍 on this comment. More details coming soon.

In the meantime, here's a taste of what's to come.

screen shot 2017-11-12 at 11 51 39 am


Click here to view the docs for React Native Elements.