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⚠️ Version 6 Alpha: The following documentation may refer to features only available through the v6.0.0 alpha releases, please see version 5.2.x for the current documentation!

A <Video> component for react-native.

Version 6.x recommends react-native >= 0.68.2.
For older versions of react-native, please use version 5.x.

Version 6.0.0 breaking changes

Version 6.0.0 is introducing dozens of breaking changes, mostly through updated dependecies and significant refactoring. While the API remains compatible, the significant internal changes require full testing with your app to ensure all functionality remains operational. Please view the Changelog for specific breaking changes.

Installing Version 6.0.0 Alphas

Whilst we finalise version 6.0.0 you can install the latest alpha from npm Using npm:

npm install --save react-native-video@alpha

using yarn:

yarn add react-native-video@alpha

Useful resources

react-native-video was originally created by Brent Vatne