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The issue tracker is reserved for bug reports only.

If you have a question, feature request, or an idea for improving the library or its related tools, please try one of the following resources:

Bugs with react-navigation must be reproducible without any external libraries that operate on it. This means that if you are attempting to use Redux or MobX with it and you think you have found a bug, you must be able to reproduce it without Redux or MobX in this report. Redux related issues belong in react-navigation-redux-helpers, and we do not have any first-class integration with MobX at the moment.

Current Behavior

  • What code are you running and what is happening?
  • Include a screenshot if it makes sense.

Expected Behavior

  • What do you expect should be happening?
  • Include a screenshot if it makes sense.

How to reproduce

  • You must provide a way to reproduce the problem. If you are having an issue with your machine or build tools, the issue belongs on another repository as that is outside of the scope of React Navigation.
  • Either re-create the bug on Snack or link to a GitHub repository with code that reproduces the bug.
  • Explain how to run the example app and any steps that we need to take to reproduce the issue from the example app.

Your Environment

software version
npm or yarn
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