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We're stoked that you want to help contribute to React Static! Below are a number of ways you can contribute, even if you're not a developer!

  • Give us a shoutout on Twitter and show of your cool site! @reactstaticjs
  • Add a site you've built with React Static to our site list in the Readme
  • Write a quick article about your experience with React Static and what you enjoyed/disliked?
  • Help us write more tests!
  • Help us improve our documentation or codebase! You can submit PRs for anything from typos to code comments explaining what a part of the source code does.
  • Help others in our Spectrum Support Community
  • Review and help fix issues

Getting started with the source code!

  • Install the latest stable version of node
  • Install the latest stable version of yarn (We use yarn workspaces, so npm will not work for development)
  • Clone the react-static repo to your machine
  • Run yarn in the root of the repository (will install all dependencies (deduped) for all packages)
  • Run a script
    • yarn watch - Watches the core packages for changes and compiles them for development
    • yarn build - Builds all packages for release
    • yarn test - Runs the testing suite for all packages
    • yarn startDocs - Starts the documentation site in development mode
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