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Version 6 is a massive upgrade to the underlying tools that power react-static and also offers some new conveniences and features not possible before. These include:

  • React 16 (now default)
  • Babel 7
  • Webpack 4
  • New React-Universal-Component
  • Extract-CSS-Chunks-Webpack-Plugin
  • Multi-threaded Export
  • Plugin System
  • Pages directory support


Version 7 will be focused on upgrading to React Hooks and preparing for some very lightweight suspense-compatibility:

  • Moving to hooks to power client components
  • Retrofitting render prop and HOCs to use the new hooks
  • Optionally allowing hooks to be suspense compatible (throw promises and suspend rendering, instead of providing loading states)


Version 8 will be focused on becoming compatible with async React which includes both suspense and the expected async server-side-renderer that has yet to be released. The goals for this version may include:

  • Rely on suspense and a runtime cache to do just-in-time data fetching
  • Remove the requirement to define data dependencies in a config file
  • Use React's native mechanisms to perform template and data prefetching (via React.lazy and the suspense cache)
  • Support more/any build system (eg. Create React App, Parcel, etc)
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