Latest commit 3c55a13 Nov 23, 2016 @sthzg sthzg committed on GitHub Added support for configuring a className prefix (#310)
This feature allows users to put a `cssClsPrefix` property into their
.yo-rc.json. If configured, the component generator will add this string
as a prefix to className attributes.


	// .yo-rc.json
	  "generator-react-webpack": {
	    "appName": "v4-latest-install",
	    "style": "css",
	    "cssmodules": false,
	    "cssClsPrefix": "myapp",
	    "postcss": false,
	    "generatedWithVersion": 4

Components generated will now prepend the `myapp` prefix on their class
names, e.g.

	$ yo react-webpack:component hello
	<div className="myapp-hello-component" />