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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 24, 2018. It is now read-only.


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📔 This project is archived and no longer maintained. It was an early experiment to create a simple, standalone GraphQL server. We have since included a GraphQL API directly in core Reaction.


git clone

cd reaction-api-base

docker-compose up



All development can be done via Docker Compose. To start the Mongo and GraphQL API servers:

docker-compose up

It can be convenient to start the project in a detached state:

docker-compose up -d && docker-compose logs -f

Service Endpoints

The following services should now be available:


The project code can be edited on the host machine. The process will be reloaded when code is changed.

Updating Dependencies

In development, you will need to run the following command when the package.json file is modified:

docker-compose run --rm api yarn install --modules-folder /opt/node_modules
docker-compose build api

This command will run yarn install inside the Docker container which will rebuild yarn.lock and install dependencies. Finally, rebuild the Docker image to install and cache the dependencies in the image.


The builds are parameterized so that the environment may be specified. The default is production. The yarn.lock is frozen in production and the build will fail if an update is needed. To run a production build:

docker build -t reaction-api-base:latest .


Copyright © MIT