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Store Operator's Guide

Welcome to the Reaction Store Operator's Guide! Here you can find everything you need to know to configure your store and manage your orders and products.

Before going to far, it's best if you familiarize yourself with all of the terms and concepts you'll encounter.

Click Sign In and use your store operator credentials to get started.

Products and the grid

Follow these guides to get started with products and the grid:


The dashboard is where you manage your orders and products and also configure your account settings.

To access your dashboard sidebar, click on the Reaction logo icon on the top right of the page. You'll find a selection of dashboard features, broken down into two sections, Actions and Settings.


Under Actions, you can find important tasks that are used on a daily basis:

  • Orders - Process new orders and view completed orders
  • Accounts - Add, edit, and remove permissions for each of your shop members


Under Settings, you can view the rest of your store's feature settings, which you may access, configure, and customize to your heart’s content:

  • Login services - Enable or disable customer login via social media
  • Social settings - Set your shop's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus accounts
  • Shop - Configure your shop's name, address, payment methods, and other settings
  • Email - Manage your mail setup and view email logs
  • Localization and i18n - Configure timezone, languages, and currencies
  • Payment - Manage payment methods and add discount codes
  • Taxes - Enable custom taxes
  • Template - Customize your email's messaging and look and feel
  • Search - Configure your store's search settings
  • SMS Notifications - Enable SMS notifications
  • Shipping - Set up and manage your shipping rates and Shippo integration


Have a question not mentioned here? Check out the frequently asked questions.