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Reaction Swag Shop

This repository contains the reaction-swag-shop plugin that's intended as a learning resource for everybody who's facing the task of customizing Reaction for her/his own shop implementation. The plugin's current state is deployed here. There's also a blog post series on our Reaction Blog that explains in more detail about the evolution of this ticket.

Getting started

If you would like to use this shop plugin as a starting point for your own project, please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

Create a new Reaction project for your new shop:

Step 2

Clone this shop repository into the custom plugin folder. In your project directory, execute the following bash commands (Windows commands will look a bit different):

 $ cd <your-new-shop-directory-name>/imports/plugins/custom
 $ git clone

Step 3

Ensure latest version of reaction-cli is installed

$ npm i -g reaction-cli

Step 4

Install dependencies and start Reaction

$ cd <your-new-shop-directory-name>
$ meteor npm install
$ export SKIP_FIXTURES=1 && reaction


In case you experience the error Unknown asset: plugins/reaction-swag-shop/images/BCTMZ6HTxFSppJESk.jpg, it's very likely that the SKIP_FIXTURES environment variable is not set correctly. In that case, reset the database via reaction reset -n and ensure SKIP_FIXTURES is set properly before running reaction

How the final swag shop will look like

Swag shop screenshot