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This is our sixth release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

Meteor 1.8 Final

We've been using a release candidate of Meteor 1.8 in all of our 2.0 release candidates to this point - this has also included release candidate versions of Babel 7. In this release we're updating to the final version of Meteor 1.8 and Babel 7.

There are a lot of great updates that are included in Meteor 1.8 and you can read all about them in the Meteor blog. I think the one that we'll notice the most is significant improvement to build performance that. We've been focused on improving the performance and developer experience with Reaction for a while now and this update makes significant progress towards improving the developer experience and build times. Anyone who's been using Reaction for a while should notice big improvements to the amount of time it takes for the app to rebuild after making changes.

We're still working with Node.js 8.11.4 as the upgrade to Node 8.12.0 got postponed to the Meteor 1.8.1 release. If you're itching to play with it, you can run meteor update --release 1.8.1-beta.n from the directory that you've got the core reaction project installed. There may be some additional speed improvements related to Meteor's use of Fibers that come along in this version.

We've also updated the our base docker image to use Meteor 1.8 (#4760)

Email Sending

We've extracted the core email sending functionality into a new reaction-email-smtp plugin which is included and created a new sendEmail event which is emitted for each email job. The core smtp email plugin now listens for these events and sends an email if an SMTP provider is configured. By doing this we've made it possible to create plugins which send emails via an API rather than via SMTP.

The email provider config form found at Dashboard -> Emails -> Mail Provider is now also able to be overridden. Plugins can use register.js to provide a React component to use here.


Added a primaryShop GraphQL query & resolver, eliminating the need to first query for the primary shop ID, followed by another query for shop by ID.

Breaking Changes

In #4749 we changed the names of our included payment method plugins. We've included a migration to automatically update any existing installation, but if you have custom code that relies on these payment method names you may need make some changes.


  • fix: keep toggles shown, width 100% in action view (#4772)
  • fix: Use babel.config.js to fix Jest tests in custom plugins with package.json (#4782)


  • feat: decouple SMTP email sending logic from core to allow plugins to override (#4740)
  • feat: Add a CORS-enabled endpoint for token refresh in Hydra plugin (#4743)
  • feat: GraphQL query & resolver for loading the primary shop (#4747)
  • feat: update to Meteor 1.8 final (#4753)
  • feat: update to base image 1.8 (#4760)
  • feat: client ui payment methods (#4749) .. Resolves #4719
  • feat: added migration for adding available payment methods to shops. (#4729)
  • feat: use GraphQL for payment methods operator ui (#4749) .. Resolves #4719


  • chore: added migration for adding available payment methods to shops. (#4729)


We've been ignoring some of our integration tests as the in-memory MongoDB they rely on has not been working effectively. Previously we did this by skipping our entire test:integration tests in CI, we're now just skipping the tests that are failing due to this db incompatibility and have plans to address this soon.

  • chore: Skip failing integration tests (#4751)
  • chore: Deploy release branches to staging ECS environment (#4758)


This is our fifth release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

Mongo replica set issue

Many people were having issues with the Mongo replica-set image starting before the Mongo database was ready. This could cause the replica-set to fail and the application to hang during startup in a development environment. This is fixed in #4748 by waiting for mongo to be reachable within the reaction container before connecting to it, and creating the DB if needed, initiating the replica set if needed, and waiting for the replica set to be OK. This fix should solve the docker-compose startup race conditions we've been seeing. (#4748)


We've added two new GraphQL queries for payment methods. A query paymentMethods which will list all registered payment methods and is restricted to operators and availablePaymentMethods which will list all payment methods which have been enabled. These new queries were added in #4709. We've also added a GraphQL mutation that permits an operator to enable or disable a payment method for a shop in #4739

We've updated the CartItems and OrderItems GraphQL queries to include a productTags resolver which will return the tags for the CartItem or OrderItem. The new resolvers and updated schemas were added in #4715 and #4732

There is a new GraphQL mutation for generating sitemaps generateSitemaps this replaces the sitemaps/generate meteor method. method. (#4708)

Classic Storefront UI Updates

We've replaced the customer facing Product Grid in the Classic Storefront UI with our CatalogGrid component from the Reaction Design System. This was accomplished in #4649

There's a new "Include in sitemap?" checkbox in the Product Settings when using the operator interface to edit product information. This was added to make it possible to exclude published products from the sitemap. (#4708)

Additional Plugin Capabilities

A plugin can now include a catalog object in registerPackage, with customPublishedProductFields and customPublishedProductVariantFields that are set to arrays of property names. These will be appended to the core list of fields for which published status should be tracked. This is used to build the hashes that are used to display an indicator when changes need to be published. (#4738)

A plugin can now use the functionsByType pattern to register one or more functions of type "publishProductToCatalog", which are called with (catalogProduct, { context, product, shop, variants }) and expected to mutate catalogProduct if necessary. (#4738)


Even though most of the development work happens in Docker, getting the right version of node available directly in the host OS is convenient for setting up eslint integration with your editor. We've added an .nvmrc file for this as we've recommended nvm for installing and managing NodeJS in our docs for some time now.

Public API Changes

We've changed the GraphQL schema for PaymentMethod@name from PaymentMethodName to String. PaymentMethodName was a subset of string and this should not cause any issues.

Breaking Changes

WE've replaced the generateSitemaps Meteor method with a GraphQL mutation. See #4708 for details.

Because we've replaced the customer facing Product Grid UI in the Classic Storefront UI, if you had any plugins which relied on specific selectors or the structure of the existing UI, those may need to be updated.


  • feat: payment methods (#4709) .. Resolves #4574
  • feat: enable payment method for shop (#4739) .. Resolves #4718
  • feat: use component library's CatalogGrid - 2.0 (#4649)
  • feat: add product tags to cart items (#4715)
  • feat: Add product tags to order item (#4732)
  • feat: option to choose whether a product should appear in the sitemap (#4708)
  • feat: add a way to extend catalog product publication (#4738)


  • fix: Auth Consent scopes issue (#4733)
  • fix: 4722 compareAtPrice - convert from Float to Money (#4731)
  • fix(startup): init mongo replica set after waiting for connection (#4748)


  • chore: add .nvmrc configuration file (#4744)


  • docs: Link readers to Reaction Platform install instructions (#4724)
  • docs: fix jsdoc copypasta on waitForReplica checkWaitRetry (#4723)


This is our fourth release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

Improving Jest test performance in CI

We started seeing unit tests timing out in CI in the morning on Friday October 5. It doesn't appear that this was caused by a change in our jest version as we were able to reproduce the issues on older branches which were previously passing. This is resolved in #4176 by changing our test:unit script in package.json to run jest with the --maxWorkers=4 flag. This resolved our issue with tests timing out, and improves test performance in CI overall. This is suggested in the troubleshooting jest here:

Checkout Totals

There were some cases in the Classic Storefront UI where there would be a discrepancy between the total calculated on the server and the price calculated by the client. This is not an issue in the Next.js Storefront as all price values are calculated on the server. This is resolved in #4701


fix: round total when verifying it on order create (#4701) .. Resolves #4684


fix: limit jest maxWorkers to 4 to improve CI perf (#4716)


This is our third release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

A few files snuck into our last release that had incorrect jsdoc syntax in the form of @return <Promise>Type The jsdoc parser is unable to parse any return type starting with a < and throws an error. This error is thrown during the Deploy Docs CI step and causes that step of the CI to fail. This is resolved in #4704 by fixing the jsdoc to use the correct Promise syntax @return Promise<Type>


  • fix: resolve errors in jsdoc Promise returns (#4704)


This is our second release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

OAuth Flow

  • Get the auth URL connected to the Login request from Hydra. Get the loginAction field and pass it in the UI route query param (?action={loginAction}) to serve as state info to the Login component.(#4651)
  • Update the Auth components to show appropriate form fields based on route query param (e.g ?action=signin)(#4651)
  • Update the SignIn and SignUp core components to have a new hasSwitchLinks prop. This will determine if link to toggle between SignIn and SignUp views should be displayed. It defaults to true (so previous behaviour is kept - no breaking change)(#4651)
  • Update Auth container for OAuth IDP flow with hasSwitchLinks=false. This makes the state of the form depend on ONLY the route query (#4651)
  • Fix the Hydra session feature. Now, when a user who already signed in (and is sill within the set HYDRA_SESSION_LIFESPAN), tries to login again, we won't show the login form again.(#4651)
  • Add /logout endpoint for Consumer apps (like Starterkit) to call to delete user sessions from Hydra. The delete session endpoint in Hydra lives on the Administrative port (4445), so we are not exposing it to Consumer apps to consume directly.(#4651)


If did not exist the getTaxTotal was returning NaN which would show up in cart totals. This was introduced in #4664 and is resolved in #4670

Operator UI for editing product information

On the PDP, when typing a tag name in the admin sidebar, a console error would appear: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'getShopId' of undefined at getShopLang (helpers.js:118). This was because Reaction was undefined when getShopLang() would run. This is resolved in #4673


  • (fix) Properly return 0 when no tax items are present (#4670)
  • fix: Show correct form state during create account oauth flow (#4651)
  • Fix: console error when typing a tag name on PDP (#4673)
  • fix: discounts and profile orders in 2.0 (#4674)
  • fix: orders dashboard layout issue (#4688) Updated a few panel styles to fit within the viewport better and not end up behind the "modal overlay"


  • chore: updating get in touch link (#4676)
  • chore: fix broken link in README to schema docs (#4672)


This is our first release candidate for v2.0.0 of Reaction. Please check it out and let us know what works and what doesn't for you.

In many ways this may better mark the beginning of a new way to develop for Reaction rather than the end of a big development cycle. Make no mistake, there are some pretty great things that v2.0.0 includes - for example, our GraphQL API now covers the basic commerce flow, from browsing a catalog all the way through checkout. However, this release is also bigger in many ways that just this repository. Much of our work over the past several months has gone into repositories other than this primary /reaction one.

We've created a component library called the Reaction Design System which we're announcing the initial "alpha" for. While it's still subject to change, there are a lot of very useful commerce focused components that we've built that live there. We'll have a link to the styleguidist playground up soon where you can play with and read the docs for each component.

Our new GraphQL API has enabled us to build a new UI Client for Reaction that we're calling our NextJS Starter Kit. This new UI client provides a reference storefront implementation that communicates with the Reaction API exclusively via GraphQL, eliminating some of the sluggishness that was associated with our Classic UI built on Meteor. This new client is built with NextJS and provides Server Side Rendering (SSR) out of the box, as well as (Segment compatible analytics event tracking)[]. We'll recommend this as the best way to build a storefront UI for Reaction going forward.

We're also introducing a new OpenID Connect OAuth2 Service which uses Hydra to enable our new UI Client to leverage our existing Meteor based Identities and roles.

These services all run together to form the Reaction Platform (working title, subject to change) - and we've got a new project called Reaction Platform which will help you get everything connected and launched together.

This changelog may feel somewhat insignificant because in part, we've been releasing bits of what is becoming 2.0.0 over the last several releases and much of the new development is happening outside of the /reaction repository.

Marketplace Updates

When multiple shops match the searched domain, prioritize the Primary Shop. This is important when searching for "shop settings" which are only stored on the Primary Shop (e.g., smtp settings).

Breaking Changes

From #4622

  • Orders-related GraphQL schemas and significant changes to the Orders MongoDB schemas to better match GraphQL. See the diffs for the schema files. Two changes of note are that order.items and order.billing arrays no longer exist. Instead, each item in order.shipping has an items array and a single payment object on it. The payment object is also flattened and unused properties have been removed from it.

  • context.queries and context.mutations are no longer namespaced. This simplifies things and makes it possible for one plugin to overwrite another plugin's functions if necessary.

  • Some Meteor methods are removed:

    • cart/copyCartToOrder (replaced by createOrder mutation)
    • cart/submitPayment (replaced by createOrder mutation)
    • discounts/transaction
    • discounts/calculate
    • discounts/codes/credit (replaced by a function registered with the same name using functionsByType)
    • discounts/codes/discount (replaced by a function registered with the same name using functionsByType)
    • discounts/codes/sale (replaced by a function registered with the same name using functionsByType)
    • discounts/codes/shipping (replaced by a function registered with the same name using functionsByType)
    • shipping/updateShipmentQuotes
    • shipping/provider/toggle
    • shipping/rates/add (replaced with createFlatRateFulfillmentMethod GraphQL mutation)
    • shipping/rates/update (replaced with updateFlatRateFulfillmentMethod GraphQL mutation)
    • shipping/rates/delete (replaced with deleteFlatRateFulfillmentMethod GraphQL mutation)
    • taxes/calculate (replaced by non-Meteor getFulfillmentGroupItemsWithTaxAdded)
    • taxes/setRateByShopAndItem (replaced by non-Meteor getFulfillmentGroupItemsWithTaxAdded)
    • notification/send (replaced by non-Meteor createNotification function)
    • notification/delete (was unused)
    • stripe/payment/createCharges (replaced by placeOrderWithStripeCardPayment and placeMarketplaceOrderWithStripeCardPayment GraphQL mutations)
  • shipping/updateParcelSize Meteor method is renamed to shop/updateDefaultParcelSize and moved to core/shop service

  • Meteor UI client checkout code now places orders using GraphQL

  • Add orderById GraphQL query

  • The "afterCartUpdate" hooks are now called with just (updatedCart) rather than the redundant (updatedCartId, updatedCart)

  • The way that orders are placed is now different. See "Order Changes" heading

  • Orders can no longer be created without an email address

  • The process by which plugins are asked to provide available fulfillment methods + quotes for them is changed. Rather than calling registered hooks, it calls all functions registered with the name "getFulfillmentMethodsWithQuotes" (See getFulfillmentMethodsWithQuotes.js)

  • The "example" payment method form is now an "IOU" form that collects only a full name. It previously had a fake credit card form, which might have been misleading. Now it is clear that it's for demo and trial purposes only. Also, this new form is in React.

  • Some unused (by core) functions have been removed from the cartOrder.js transforms that are available on Cart and Order documents in Meteor.

Previously client code would tell the server to "copy cart to order". Now, the orders plugin is mostly unaware of what a cart is. The client is responsible for converting a cart (which is a work-in-progress order) into the OrderInput schema and placing an order using that.

Related to this, payment information is now never stored on the cart. It is collected during checkout and sent with the placeOrder call. An order will only be placed if charges are successfully created using the provided payment details.

The orders service is largely unaware of how payment is done, and there is no generic placeOrder mutation. Instead, plugins that provide payment methods are expected to provide GraphQL mutations that allow you to place and pay for an order using that method. Most of the logic is shared, and is encapsulated in a createOrder mutation that the orders plugin provides. But each payment method plugin wraps the createOrder mutation to handle payment specifics.

All Meteor UI checkout code is updated to place orders using the new GraphQL mutations. The Meteor methods formerly involved in placing orders and payments are removed.

There are currently three included payment methods, each with their own place order mutation:


For production, use placeOrderWithStripeCardPayment. placeOrderWithExampleIOUPayment is included for demo purposes and does not require any external services. placeMarketplaceOrderWithStripeCardPayment is part of the "marketplace" plugin, which is not fully implemented or supported. Each payment method has its own checkout UI component, which collects whatever information it needs securely.

We've updated the password reset flow to use a full page in #4637

  • Move previous Password Reset modal to a dedicated page on /reset-password/:token
  • Rename the affect components to not have modal suffixes
  • Show a message on successful reset of the password (previously, the modal closes)

In #4613 we've renamed the Docker network on which GraphQL enabled web services are attached to api.reaction.localhost Networks in the Docker environment should be named as *.reaction.localhost. The localhost TLD is reserved and guaranteed to not conflict with a real TLD.

  • To enable network communication, projects communicating with Reaction's GraphQL server must be on the api.reaction.localhost Docker network.
  • PRs related to reactioncommerce/reaction#4447 should be coordinated.

We've moved the SMS schema to the SMS package in contrib in #4566


  • feat: Prioritize Primary when multiple Shops match domain (#3528)
  • feat: Setup IDP flows for Hydra auth (#4627)
  • feat: Update GQL server to use Hydra Auth token (#4626)
  • feat: Use new CLI tool "propel" to deploy services to ECS (#4623)
  • feat(GraphQL): Place orders using GraphQL (#4622)
  • feat(GraphQL): Add GraphQL via plugin, reorg files into final 2.0 plugin patterns (#4622)
  • feat: 2.0 migrations (#4648)
  • feat(GraphQL): add Account.primaryEmailAddress resolver (#4647)
  • feat: Update Reset Password modal to a full page route (#4637)


  • fix: apply requested sort to Cart.items in GraphQL resolver (#4624)
  • fix: cart item attributes (#4607)
  • fix: startup error before primary shop is created on initial startup (#4602)
  • fix: Update detailView when its data changes (#4659)
  • fix: fix README broken links, update copy (#4632)
  • fix: sidebar actions not opening on product grid (#4641)
  • fix: Ensure MongoDB replica set is ready before start (#4636)


  • chore: Rename the reaction-api Docker network (#4613)


  • refactor: Remove unused schemas (#4566)
  • refactor: remove all grid positions code and UI (#4628)




  • feat: return absolute media URLs from GraphQL (#4565)

Meteor App


  • feat 4571 Replace all Meteor.userId() with util function (#4582)
  • feat: Improve animations and dynamically import animation libraries to reduce bundle size (#4500) .. Resolves #4441


  • fix: reaction error swallowing (#4592)
  • fix: update file-collections dependency from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0 (#4589)
  • fix: null check in email validation (#4520) .. Resolves #4502
  • fix: Add missing Shops.layout migration (#4609) .. Resolves #4608


Sitemap Generator

A sitemap generator plugin that creates and stores XML for a sitemap index, as well as sitemaps for tag pages, PDPs, and arbitrary URLs that can be added via an event hook.

There is a recurring job that runs every 24 hours (the specific interval can be changed) that generates the sitemaps. There is also a button to manually trigger a refresh, at Dashboard -> Shop -> Options - along with a notification that appears when it's completed.

Use our GraphQL API for the Product Grid within the Meteor App

As part of our push towards our GraphQL API, we've started to leverage the API inside of our existing Meteor app. This release converts our customer facing product grid from using Meteor Pub/Sub to consuming data from our GraphQL API instead. This is the first step in an ongoing initiative to start using the GraphQL API inside of our existing monolithic commerce application. See #4481 for a list of files changed.

GraphQL Checkout

This release includes the first set of GraphQL APIs designed for stepping through a checkout. While we've started to consume this API within our Storefront Starter Kit, these APIs should be treated as unstable and subject to change. We've added mutations for setting an anonymous email - setEmailOnAnonymousCart and selecting fulfillment options - selectFulfillmentOptionForGroup.

A note on fulfillment options Fulfillment options are what we're calling what used to be shipment options. In order to prepare ourselves for several types of fulfillment that do not necessarily include shipping, we're updating the checkout through order models, methods, and now our GraphQL API to be capable of grouping items into "Fulfillment Groups". This opens the door for several new types of fulfillments down the line such as In Store Pickup, Digital Downloads, Digital Key Generation, and anything else you can think up. We're not actively building any of these different fulfillment types into core, but want to ensure that it's possible and there's a clear direction to do so.

Breaking Changes

  • If a plugin adds an "afterCartUpdate" hook, it will no longer be called. Change the plugin code to use appEvents.on("afterCartUpdate" instead. (#4535)
  • If a plugin creates or updates a cart, be sure it calls appEvents.emit("afterCartCreate") or appEvents.emit("afterCartUpdate"), respectively, passing the proper arguments. If you do this within an appEvents.on hook for the same event, be sure to wrap the call in conditional logic to avoid an infinite loop. (#4535)
  • We've refactored the Shipment schema to remove the items property. This will cause a breaking change for plugins expecting the items property to be there. Such plugins should be updated to use a combination of itemIds and the main items list. (#4531)
  • Removed requiresShipping prop from products and catalog products. This has been replaced by an array supportedFulfillmentTypes. Reaction's core admin interface did not provide a method for setting this prop, and we've left the supportedFulfillmentTypes out of the exiting operator interface. This change will emable us to show a "Shipping"/"Pick Up" selector for other items down the road. Will also permit creation of digital fulfillment types, etc. (#4554)
  • The last argument of the setShipmentMethod Meteor method now expects just the method ID rather than the whole method object. Core client code has been updated, but you should update any custom code that calls this method.
  • Removed the resetShipmentMethod Meteor method
  • The cart/setAnonymousUserEmail Meteor method is removed. This does not break any core behavior, but it might require updates to any custom plugins.

GraphQL DevServer


  • feat(GraphQL): update fulfillment options for group (#4538)
  • feat(GraphQL): Add resolver for Cart.totalItemQuantity (#4533)
  • feat(GraphQL): add resolver for Cart.checkout (#4507)
  • feat(GraphQL): Replace "cart/setAnonymousUserEmail" Meteor method with setEmailOnAnonymousCart mutation (#4564)
  • feat(GraphQL): Implement selectFulfillmentOptionForGroup mutation (#4548)


  • fix(GraphQL): Fix CartItem.currentQuantity (#4508)

Meteor App


  • feat: Convert product grid to consume GraphQL data (#4481) .. Resolves #4480
  • feat: Fulfillment improvements (#4554)
  • feat: Plugin for auto-generated sitemaps (#4413) .. Resolves #4353


  • perf: improve orders sub speed by rearranging pipeline (#4555)
  • perf: Move formatPhoneNumber (and libphonenumber-js) server-side to reduce client bundle (#4517) .. Resolves #4516


  • fix: for sidebar unable to be opened (edge condition) (#4546) .. Resolves #4545
  • fix(marketplace): Default to Primary Shop when no domains match (#4544)
  • fix: sync lowInventoryThreshold number between variants and child options (#4519)
  • fix: Product prices showing as $NaN.undefined on the customer product grid (#4518)


  • refactor: Refactor cart / fulfillment hooks (#4535)
  • refactor fulfillment items (#4531)
  • refactor: resolve reaction error (#4494) .. Resolves #4477
  • refactor: Dynamically import Swiper to reduce client bundle size (#4515) .. Resolves #4514


  • chore: Added production bundle size check to CircleCI (#4521)


  • Thanks to @pmn4 for contributing to this release 🎉


Patch release

Resolves issues found after releasing 1.14.0 - one causing jsdoc to fail during CI builds for the master branch, and another where method hooks were running incorrectly occasionally for catalog/publish/products and accoutns/addressBookAdd. See specific PRs for more details.

Meteor App


  • fix: Ensure method hooks always run with correct timing (before and after method) (#4537) .. Resolves #4437
  • fix: jsdoc promise returns (#4539)
  • fix: Null Guarding in GroupsTableCell (#4440)


Thanks to @pmn4 for contributing to this release 🎉

NPM Package Version Changes

There are no dependency changes in this release


Removing Optional Plugins

As part of our focus simplifying the core Reaction application and improving performance, we've made the decision to remove optional plugins from the core application. From our blog post on this topic:

It’s about quality over quantity. As a part of our initiative to simplify Reaction, we’re focusing on providing one reference application per feature and moving all others over to community-sponsored packages. We’ll be migrating packages, APIs, and schemas over to npm. It’s a standard approach to package management, one that improves the developer experience overall.

Here’s how it will look:

Category Reaction default(s) Community package(s)
Payments Stripe, example payment package PayPal,, Braintree
Taxes Flat rate Avalara, TaxCloud, TaxJar
Shipping Flat rate Shippo
Connectors CSV connector Shopify connector

As the first step of this process we've moved a number of packages from the repo to independent repositories in the new organization. You can install these packages by following the instructions located inside of each new repository. Once installed they should work as they did in v1.13. Any issues you have with updating these packages should be filed in the repos created for these packages and not in the core Reaction repo going forward. If you're interested in contributing to or helping to maintain any of the packages that we've moved to reaction-contrib, please reach out to @zenweasel and he can get you setup.

The list of packages that have been removed in this release is as follows:

  • Shopify
  • TaxCloud
  • Avalara
  • Paypal
  • Braintree
  • TaxJar
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Shippo
  • SMS
  • Discount Rates (unused, not the same as our current discount codes)
  • Logging (unused by core application)

This work is listed as a breaking change. If your application relies on any of these packages, you will have to install them independently of Reaction going forward. This release will not destroy data associated with these plugins, so you should be able to safely update without losing information. However, please be sure to test this for your specific application before deploying to production and as always, backup your data before updating versions.

GraphQL Cart

This release contains the Cart and Checkout GraphQL schemas along with several cart queries and mutations. We're starting to make some changes to the core cart schemas for Reaction and the process that we use to create and identify carts.

One of these changes is when we create a cart for a customer. To this point, we've created a cart document for each and every visitor to a Reaction storefront. Going forward we'll be creating carts on demand. This means that a customer will not have a cart associated with them until they first add a product to the cart. This is how we've architected the GraphQL API to work and we've made some changes to the legacy Reaction cart system to put it in sync.

We're signifincantly adjusting the Cart schema as well. The best way to understand all of this will be to read through the updated GraphQL Cart Schema in #4307 and #4390 but I'll try to note some things to be aware of going forward.

A cart will have either an account associated with it or may be anonymous.

A cart will have an array of items associated with them. As we will be lazy in creating carts, when the cart is created this array of items will have at least one item in it. We do not destory carts if a customer removes all items from a cart, so it is possible that there will be an empty array of items inside of a cart.

One of the major changes to carts is related to how we store information necessary to create an order from a cart. We're introducing a new field checkout to the cart schema which you can dig into in #4309. This will be where fulfillment information, payment information, addresses and any other information necessary to process a checkout will be stored.

Recognizing the need to be able to handle orders which have items that require different types of fulfillment, we're organizing items into what we're calling "Fulfillment Groups." The most basic example is that a fulfillment group could be a group of items that is getting shipped to a specific address. For an order with n items, there can exist up to n fulfillment groups within that cart. This specific release doesn't introduce any new functionality for adding new types of fulfillment groups or splitting a single cart into multiple fulfillments, but it does lay the groundwork for splitting orders, creating new fulfillment types such as an in store pickup, ship to store, digital downloads, or generated license keys.

We're currently mapping this new GraphQL Schema to the existing Reaction Simple Schema, but will be transitioning all of our existing schemas to match (more or less) our new GraphQL schemas going forward.

A cart will still be associated with a single shop. This is consistent with current behavior.

There are two GraphQL Queries for fetching carts, one for getting anonymous carts anonymousCartByCartId and one for getting account carts accountCartByAccountId

This release introduces GraphQL Mutations for creating carts, adding items to carts, removing items from carts, updating cart items, and reconciling carts when a customer with an anonymous cart logs into an account.

ReconcileCarts is a new method which replaces and extends our previous mergeCarts method with additional functionality. ReconcileCarts has 3 modes: merge, keepAnonymousCart, and keepAccountCart. merge is the default mode and works identically to how the existing mergeCarts method works, where the anonymous cart is combined with the account cart, items are deduped, and quantities are incremented to match the combined qty of the items in the carts. keepAnonymousCart will keep only the items and the checkout information in the anonymous cart, and keepAccountCart will do the same but for the Account Cart.

Breaking Changes

Meteor App

File Organization

  • We've moved all files from /server into plugins. All imports with paths that begin with /server will need to be changed for any custom code or community plugins. See the file changes in to see examples of changing import paths from /server to relevant plugin paths.


  • A cart is not created until items are added. Previously a cart was created for all users, including anonymous users, immediately if one was not found. This is not a breaking change for the core app, but any custom plugins may have code that will need to be updated to handle the possibility of there not being a cart.
  • Update the signature of most cart methods to take an optional cartToken string param. Update all places that call these methods to pass in the token for anonymous carts.
  • Carts and Orders no longer have userId. They now have accountId. Core client code has been updated, but custom code will need to look up the account for the user and then look up the cart or order from that.
  • The CartItem SimpleSchema no longer includes variants and product, i.e., the entire variant and product objects are not copied to the cart item. Instead, certain properties that are needed are copied directly to the CartItem object. For example, item.productSlug. See the updated schema.
  • cart/removeCart Meteor method behavior is the same as before, but the return value is now { cart }
  • The signature of the "cart/setAnonymousUserEmail" method has changed. It now takes cartId, token arguments. The client code that calls it has been updated, but any custom code calling it will need to be updated.
  • Accounts.loginWithAnonymous is no longer available to client code. This was only used in one place, and similar logic has replaced it in that spot.
  • workflow/pushCartWorkflow and workflow/revertCartWorkflow methods now require that you pass in the cartId rather than guessing which cart you intend.
  • In general, be aware that cart.accountId may now be null. Previously, it would be set even for anonymous carts, to the account for the user with "anonymous" role. For now, order.accountId is still set after an anonymous order is placed.
  • The "Reaction.sessionId" stored ID is now used only for auto-login of anonymous users. It is not used by any of the cart code. Also, the "Sessions" collection is no longer written to or published to clients. It will not be dropped automatically, but you can drop it if you no longer need it.



  • We're now limiting the tags publication to show only tags from the current active shop. This is more of a clarification of how this was supposed to work, but if you depended on all tags being published, this will cause unexpected behavior. See #4206 for specific changes.


  • Removal of previously included ancillary packages listed in the "Removing Optional Plugins" section
  • The function createCatalogProduct has been moved into it's own file. This function was not being exported and should not create any issues, but be aware.
  • The Catalog schema has been changed. It was in a "use at your own risk" state before this, but if you've been using it you may have to migrate some data
  • We've removed the core plugin Logging which was used only by the Avalara plugin to this point. If you relied on this plugin, you'll need to reinstall it.


  • In the GraphQL context, there is no longer a methods object. Instead you can call any method with context.callMeteorMethod(name, ...args).
  • In the GraphQL context, context.queries is now namespaced by which plugin the queries come from. For example, context.queries.userAccount is now context.queries.accounts.userAccount.

Notable Features

Deploy to Heroku Button

We've added a deploy to Heroku button which should appear in the project readme now. You can now deploy Reaction to Heroku by clicking the "Deploy to Heroku" button and then filling out hte information required by Heroku.

Hashing Products

We're now hashing products to determine when a product changes that have not been published to the Catalog. This shows up as an indicator on the publish button when viewing a product that has unpublished changes.

Serve js and css from CDN

We now provide an option to serve the bundled javascript and css files from a CDN. See #4316 for more information.


We've added a permissive default robots.txt file. This file permits all bots to crawl and disallows bots from crawling /resources

GraphQL DevServer


  • feat: GraphQL Cart Schema (#4307)
  • feat: GraphQL Cart checkout schemas (#4390)
  • feat: Add anonymousCartByCartId GraphQL query (#4382)
  • feat: createCart mutation, addCartItems mutation, and related cart/order schema changes (#4412)
  • feat: Meteor-free addressBookAdd method and GraphQL plugin reorg (#4167)
  • feat: Add resolveAccountFromAccountId resolver (#4495)
  • feat: remove cart items (#4474)
  • feat: update cart items quantity (#4472)
  • feat: create reconcileCarts mutation (#4443)
  • feat: Add accountCartByAccountId resolver (#4427)

Meteor App


  • feat: Shippo address validation (#4086)
  • feat: Use token to create Stripe charges (#4325)
  • feat: Create deploy to heroku button (#4320)
  • feat: enable oplog in development Docker Compose config (#4420)
  • feat: Create product hash of published product properties (#4336)
  • feat: added CDN settings to reaction (#4316)
  • feat: Indicator to notify of pending product changes not yet published to catalog (#4383)
  • feat(marketplace): Limit Tags Publication to Those for the Current Shop (#4206)
  • feat: add robots.txt file (#4370)
  • feat: Remove account from anon carts, don't use session for carts (#4496)
  • feat(marketplace): Consideration for Marketplace Shops on Different URLs (#3332)


  • fix: update and pin to latest version of sharp package (#4466)
  • fix: Use hashtags and tagIds to form tags obj (#4415) .. Resolves #4414
  • fix: Marketplace Settings (#4334) .. Resolves #4333
  • fix: update dependencies (#4444)
  • fix: Invalidate circleci caches (#4432)
  • fix: changing product handle throws 404 (#4403) Resolves #4023
  • fix: Tax and inventory toggle switches do not work (#4445) Resolves #4401
  • fix: Taxcloud with marketplace setup. (#4140) Resolves #4089
  • fix: Options now have parent's taxCode (#4182) Resolves #4141
  • fix(marketplace): also send notification to shop owners upon order creation (#4295)
  • fix: not publishing customer accounts (#4402) .. Resolves #4374
  • fix: Can't save discount codes (#4410) .. Resolves #4408
  • fix: Discount Codes React Table Not Rendering Correctly (#4411) .. Resolves #4247
  • fix: Unable to save custom tax rate (#4405) .. Resolves #4396
  • fix: low quantity/sold out flags not saving correctly in db (#4342)
  • fix: Scrolling to bottom adds more products to the view (#4243) .. Resolves #4090
  • fix: remove react-addons-create-fragment (#4164)
  • fix: change session active product when adding new product (#4313)
  • fix: missing styles on refund popover (#4300) .. Resolves #4005
  • fix: fix permissions of shop social settings (#4312)
  • fix: Archived products not being removed from Catalog (#4392)
  • fix: Default settings for parcel size (#4083)
  • fix: Update prerender.js (#4331)
  • fix(marketplace): Product Visibility for Marketplace Shops (#4259) .. Resolves #4092
  • fix: mislabeled schema (#4371)
  • fix: ActionView Component Typos (#4439)
  • fix: Cannot set replyTo or other field options when using Reaction.Email.send (#4380) .. Resolves #4343
  • fix: migration error preventing app startup (#4491)
  • fix: add media information to Variants and Options (#4468)
  • fix: Publish button infinite loop bug (#4488)
  • fix: client errors related to domain lookup changes (#4471)


  • perf: Dynamically import Moment locales to reduce client bundle size (#4455) .. Resolves #4454
  • perf: Improve app startup time when large number of Accounts/Users exists (#4449) .. Resolves #4384


  • refactor: Use new Reaction component library components for the SMS settings form (#4318)
  • refactor: Remove "Catalog" from menu (#4385)
  • refactor: Move all /server files to plugins (#4366)
  • refactor: Update Catalog Schema (#4421)

Plugin Migration

  • refactor: Remove Shopify plugin (#4395)
  • refactor: Remove TaxCloud plugin (#4428)
  • refactor: Remove Avalara plugin (#4398)
  • refactor: Remove plugin (#4310)
  • refactor: Remove Paypal plugin (#4339)
  • refactor: Remove Braintree plugin (#4351)
  • refactor: Remove disabled TaxJar plugin (#4348)
  • refactor: Remove inventory package (#4388)
  • refactor: Remove shipping-shippo plugin (#4460)
  • refactor: Remove SMS plugin (#4451)
  • refactor: Remove unused discount-rates plugin (#4458)
  • refactor: remove unused logging (#4476)


  • chore: CircleCI step for deploying to an existing ECS cluster (#4487)
  • chore: make the snyk-security step a dependency for the docker-build step; s… (#4446)


Thanks to @pmn4 and @hrath2015 for contributing to this release 🎉

NPM Package Version Changes

This is a list of all new, changed, and removed dependencies that exist in our dependency graph for a production build. This does not include dev dependencies.

New Dependencies


Updated Dependencies

reaction@1.14.0 /Users/spencer/reaction/reaction

Removed Dependencies

UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY graphql@^0.10.0 || ^0.11.0 || ^0.12.0


You don't improve what you don't measure. In efforts to improve the size of our bundles, the time to first paint, time to interactive, and overall performance of our applications, we're starting to report on bundle size and some performance metrics in every release. With effort and persistence, we'll see these numbers improve over time.

Bundle Size

We measure bundle size by building the application using meteor build and then measuring the js and css bundle size with the command wc -c /path/to/js-bundle-file.js

JS Modern Browsers: 4872kb JS Legacy Browsers: 5104kb CSS All Browsers: 392kb


This release exclusively includes a patch update to Meteor from to

This release should be installed by anyone on Reaction 1.13.0 and includes an important security update to Node, updating to version 8.11.3 of Node, which is an important security release.

The underlying meteor-babel npm package has also been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.51.


  • security: Update to Meteor (#4368)


Removal of Legacy Product Revision Control system

The major change in this release is that we've removed the existing revision control system in favor of publishing Products to the Catalog. The existing revision control system contained some powerful ideas, but was complex and intertwined into many areas of the app that were not directly related to Product. By removing the old revision control system, we've paved the way to substantially improve product grid performance, especially for Operators and we've simplified the product publication logic.

This removes all code, hooks, collections, and packages related to revision control.

Breaking changes:

  • Any custom packages that depend on the Revision control system.

  • Operators will no longer be able to "undo" changes to a product. Instead products are published through the catalog

  • Any unpublished changes to products will be lost when upgrading to 1.13.0. In this release, it's possible that if you were to downgrade that you would see the unpublished changes again, but that may cause unexpected behavior. We recommend either publishing or discarding any changes to your products before upgrading to this release.

  • Similarly, any products that have been created but not published will demonstrate unexpected behavior. To avoid this undesirable behavior, publish any newly created, unpublished products prior to upgrading to this release.

  • All plugin authors will need to update your package.json with a change to the babel config similar to what was done here

Update to Meteor 1.7

This update brings some enormous improvements to the amount of time it takes to rebuild the application in development after making a file change. In some (less than perfectly scientific) tests that I ran testing file changes between 1.7 and 1.6.1 I saw 50%-90% improvements in the reload time. Your experience may vary depending on how much you've customized Reaction, your computer specs, and your specific development setup, but I fully expect this to be a noticeable improvement for anyone working with Reaction.

There are some early reports that the included update to the MongoDB driver may have some kinks to work out, so I'd follow those issues on Meteor's repo if that's a cause for concern for you. These reports are all coming from a single person, and we haven't experienced any of these issues in particular yet, but we'll be keeping an eye on them.

We ran into a few issues with npm install that we resolved in #4317. One product that came out of this investigation was some documentation for how to properly clean up and rebuild docker images in Reaction.

To stop and clean up your images

  docker-compose down -v --rmi local --remove-orphans

To rebuild your Reaction images

  docker-compose up --build --force-recreate --renew-anon-volumes

If you only want to run Reaction and not the GraphQL DevServer

  docker-compose up --build --force-recreate --renew-anon-volumes reaction

If you only want to run the DevServer and not the Meteor app

  docker-compose up --build --force-recreate --renew-anon-volumes devserver

Meteor App


  • perf: remove revision control (#4238)
  • perf: update to Meteor 1.7 (#4265)

Bug Fixes

  • fix: Use catalog collection for PDP (#4324)
  • fix: Import fixture data only if collections empty (#4327) .. Resolves #4326
  • fix: Invalid class name: .variant-list-item-{variant._id} (#4217)
  • fix: NPM build issue in Docker build (#4317)
  • fix: add getAutoValues: false to discounts/codes/remove (#4288)
  • fix: hadolint image version (#4306)
  • fix: CI step failure to tag Docker image with latest release version (#4304)
  • fix: admin products publication slowness (#4260)
  • fix: remove inventoryPolicy check on low inventory (#4298)


  • refactor: non meteor schemas (#4266) .. Resolves #4263


  • test: new mocks factory (#4276) .. Resolves #4246
  • test: run snyk when package.json has changed or base is master (#4285)


  • docs(jsdoc): document all Meteor Template helpers in 1 @namespace (#3841) .. Resolves #3840

GraphQL Dev Server


  • feat: add Media to Tag Schema and GraphQL query (#4270)


  • chore: update default GraphQL query limit values (#4297)


Thanks to @mikeumus for contributing to this release. 🎉


Bug Fixes

  • fix: handle products without positions obj .. Resolves #4299

This release is a hotfix for #4299 which was discovered shortly after v1.12.0 was released.

The issue was releated to a type error that was thrown during a migration:

If any documents in Catalog collection do not have a positions property, migration fails on startup on first start after migration to v1.12.0. The migration is left locked. The error message is:

0|reaction | TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
0|reaction |     at Function.keys (<anonymous>)
0|reaction |     at items.forEach (imports/plugins/core/versions/server/migrations/25_update_catalog_schema.js:28:12)


Breaking changes

We've made some significant changes to the structure of the data that we publish to the Catalog in #4218. We have created an automated migration for these changes in #4272. If you have made other changes to the catalog in your app or in a plugin, this migration may not work out of the box for you. We'd recommend migrating a test or staging instance of your application with similar data before applying this update to your production application.

From the PR notes to #4218, here's a list of the changes

Method argument change

"products/updateProductPosition" method now takes a tag ID rather than tag name as its third argument

Media change

The media property on catalog items is still an array of objects, but the structure of those objects has changed.


  metadata: {}, // the full metadata object from the Media doc
  thumbnail: "", // a URL
  small: "", // a URL
  medium: "", // a URL
  large: "", // a URL
  image: "", // a URL


  priority, // copied from metadata
  toGrid, // copied from metadata
  productId, // copied from metadata
  variantId, // copied from metadata
  URLs: {
    thumbnail: "", // a URL
    small: "", // a URL
    medium: "", // a URL
    large: "", // a URL
    original: "", // a URL

Also, the media array is now sorted in ascending priority order.

Deleted and hidden variants change

When published to the catalog, the variants array on the catalog item now includes only those variants where isDeleted IS NOT true and isVisible IS true.

Product props separated from catalog item props

Most product properties that were formerly on the catalog item itself are now moved to a product object property.

Explicit property copying

Previously all product and variant props were blindly copied into the catalog item. Now, we explicitly copy only the props we want, sometimes changing their names.

Property name changes

  • variant.taxable -> variant.isTaxable
  • variant.variantId added, currently the same as variant._id but might not always be. A reference back to the variant in the Products collection.
  • product.taxable -> product.isTaxable
  • product.productId added, currently the same as product._id but might not always be. A reference back to the product in the Products collection.
  • product.handle -> product.slug
  • product.hashtags -> product.tagIds

product.twitterMsg and product.facebookMsg and product.googleplusMsg and product.pinterestMsg are converted to a product.socialMetadata array like this:

socialMetadata: [
  { service: "twitter", message: product.twitterMsg },
  { service: "facebook", message: product.facebookMsg },
  { service: "googleplus", message: product.googleplusMsg },
  { service: "pinterest", message: product.pinterestMsg }

New Pricing Object

We've deprecated the price property on catalog products, variants, and options. There is a new property called pricing, which is a map keyed by currency code in MongoDB, and in GraphQL is converted to an array.

The GraphQL schema:

"The product price or price range for a specific currency"
type ProductPricingInfo {
  A comparison price value, usually MSRP. If `price` is null, this will also be null. That is,
  only purchasable variants will have a `compareAtPrice`.
  compareAtPrice: Float

  "The code for the currency these pricing details applies to"
  currency: Currency!

  UI should display this price. If a product has multiple potential prices depending on selected
  variants and options, then this is a price range string such as "$3.95 - $6.99". It includes the currency
  displayPrice: String!

  "The price of the most expensive possible variant+option combination"
  maxPrice: Float!

  "The price of the least expensive possible variant+option combination"
  minPrice: Float!

  For variants with no options and for options, this will always be set to a price. For variants
  with options and products, this will be `null`. There must be a price for a variant to be
  added to a cart or purchased. Otherwise you would instead add one of its child options to a cart.
  price: Float

These are currently mapped as follows, but in the future you will be able to have different prices per currency that your shop supports.

pricing: {
      [shopCurrencyCode]: {
        compareAtPrice: variant.compareAtPrice || null,
        displayPrice: variantPriceInfo.range,
        maxPrice: variantPriceInfo.max,
        minPrice: variantPriceInfo.min,
        price: typeof variant.price === "number" ? variant.price : null

Catalog Item props

All product props other than positions are now on the product object, so there are a few new properties on the catalog item itself:

  • _id (this is no longer the same as the product ID)
  • shopId (stays here AND on product obj)
  • createdAt
  • updatedAt


The ReactionProduct.getTag helper function is renamed to ReactionProduct.getTagIdForPosition and returns the tag ID rather than name. If there's no tag in the route path, it returns "_default" rather than the lowercased shop name.

Meteor App

Features and Improvements

  • feat: Catalog schema changes (#4218)
  • feat: Catalog schema migration (#4272)


  • fix: Limit Products when in Edit Mode (#4256) .. Resolves #4254
  • fix: added event param to onBlur method in numericInput component (#4251)
  • fix: Load more products working now (#4233) .. Resolves #4090
  • fix: show .00 cents for whole-dollar amounts in price range (#4222)
  • fix: get react root node correctly (#4172)


  • Reduce Risk of Test False Positives (#4033)


  • chore: Update to our latest eslint config (#4282)
  • chore: resolve snyk issues (#4257)
  • chore: Use NPM random package (#4208)

GraphQL Dev Server

Features and Improvements

  • feat: catalog price sort (#4255) .. Resolves #4245
  • feat: devserver improvements (#4220)
  • feat: add description and name to shop query (#4209)
  • feat: catalogItem GQL query (#4200) .. Resolves #4106
  • feat: create connection/edge resolver helper (#4225)


  • fix: hasNextPage being false, even with a known next page (#4249)
  • fix: improve hasNext/hasPrevious (#4231)
  • fix: pagination (#4228)
  • fix: first value pagination (#4204) .. Resolves #4186


  • chore: access media through devserver app (#4216)


  • docs: remove community calls from (#4279)
  • docs: clean up jsdoc comments, namespace organization (#4213)


Thanks to @pmn4 for contributing to this release! 🎉


The major focus of v1.11.0 has been on our GraphQL API. We've added most of the queries and mutations that are necessary for building a headless client to interact with Accounts. We're actively doing experiments on how we'll recommend connecting to this GraphQL client and we'll start publishing some of our initial client apps to interact with this GraphQL API in the near future.


  • feat: GraphQL remove account from group mutation (#4102)
  • feat: GraphQL invite shop member (#4103)
  • feat: GraphQL add account to group mutation (#4095)
  • feat: GraphQL address remove mutation (#4087)
  • feat: GraphQL address update mutation (#4077)
  • feat: GraphQL address add mutation (#4068)
  • feat: GraphQL roles query (#4076)
  • feat: GraphQL group and groups query (#4053)
  • feat: GraphQL connections and devserver app (#4048)
  • feat: GraphQL add primaryShopId query (#4175)
  • feat: GraphQL add setAccountProfileCurrency mutation (#4094)
  • feat: GraphQL tags query (#4165)
  • feat: GraphQL Update queries to not need Meteor (#4097)
  • refactor: GraphQL transform types using resolvers (#4166)
  • refactor: GraphQL switch to .graphql files for schema (#4169)
  • docs: GraphQL add some missing schema docs (#4160)


  • feat: styling shop slug box for Shopify (#4091) .. Resolves #2780
  • feat: convert AddressBook to react (#4054) .. Resolves #3518
  • feat: Accept Shop Data when Inviting Shop Owner (#3456)


  • refactor: extract schemas API to an npm package (#4149)
  • refactor: extract Logger API into new npm package (#4110)
  • refactor: extract Hooks API to an npm package (#4147)
  • refactor: remove unused Themes collection (#4198)


  • chore: Add snyk check to CI config; Bump base version (#4002)


  • fix: preference writing in marketplace (#4111)
  • fix: onClick to image too (#4067) .. Resolves #4058
  • fix: wait for slugify to show up before returning slug (#4049)
  • fix: use numericInput for pricing (#3999) .. Resolves #3821
  • fix: credit card accepts invalid expiration date (#3795)
  • fix: check permission before publish (#3885) .. Resolves #3754
  • fix: multiple instances of Components.Login causes a browser warning (#4044)
  • fix: Currency as object (#4156) .. Resolves #4152
  • fix: no access-denied in "accounts/setProfileCurrency" for self (#4199)
  • fix: client side validation on address book (#4183)
  • fix: Fix Simple Schema runtime errors (#4190) .. Resolves #4173
  • fix: Remove _sleepForMs from tests (#4161)
  • fix: #4037: Paginate and Filter Orders Subscription on Admin Dashboard (#4038)
  • fix: for "Product publication handle regex match issues with similar product handles (#4065)
  • fix: #4057: Admin should have media editable (#4072)
  • fix: Make shipping discount code case-insensitive (#4082)
  • fix: Error when enabling Shopify inventory hooks (#4148)
  • fix: Correct some translation errors for i18n/it.json (#4174)
  • fix: inventory badge component added #4032 .. Resolves #4009


  • docs(jsdoc): #3840 DOM module - add @memberof, @method (#3842)
  • docs: #3840 jsdoc - document fixtures (#3873)


Thanks to @pmn4, @glmaljkovich, and @awles for contributing to this release


Collection Hooks | Breaking Change!

The biggest change in 1.10.0 is the removal of the meteor-collection-hooks package. If your app or plugin is dependent on collection hooks, we'd recommend refactoring to eliminate the need for those types of hooks. If you're not up for refactoring you can just add that package back into your app though you'll lose some of the benefits that Reaction will see by eliminating that dependency. The removal of this package is a breaking change for any plugin that depends on collection hooks or uses the direct method to update a collection. For example, Products.before, Products.after, and will no longer work. These hooks have all been migrated to our event hook system. If you were using Collection hooks to perform an action that you cannot perform in 1.10.0 with the current set of event hooks, please file an issue and we can determine if we need to add additional event hooks. This change should lead to much simpler code that is easier to understand.

New GraphQL API

In addition to a few performance updates, refactors, and bug fixes, this release starts the rollout of our GraphQL API. Until further notice, this GraphQL API should be considered a prototype and should not be used for production. If you're interested in following along with our GraphQL work, tracking our GraphQL issues is probably the easiest way for now.

In short, this release adds a prototype GraphQL server running in the Reaction project with the following urls exposed:

/graphql - The GraphQL endpoint.
/graphiql - The GraphiQL user interface.

We'll be incrementally adding functionality to this GraphQL endpoint, but this release serves as the starting point for our GraphQL api.


  • feat: GraphQL Prototype (#3898) .. Resolves #3935, Resolves #3928, Resolves #3910
  • feat: GraphQL Jest testing pattern (#3995) .. Resolves #3936
  • feat: Create GraphQL viewer query (#4019)
  • feat: Create GraphQL account query (#3991)


  • refactor: remove collection hooks in search mongo package (#3889) .. Resolves #3866
  • refactor: remove collection hooks for Products collection (#3825)
  • refactor: remove media hooks (#4035) .. Resolves #3994
  • refactor: hooks in the inventory package to use Hooks.Events (#3887)
  • refactor: remove collection hooks package (#4036)


  • perf: Memoize/Cache getShopId to Reduce DB Load (#3510) .. Resolves #3507


  • fix: typo fix (#4000) .. Resolves #3975
  • fix: Browser console warning when beginning checkout (#3980)
  • fix: PDP Image gallery does not handle portrait sized images well (#3993)
  • fix: Cloning products is not reactive (#3964)
  • fix: Uploading Product Image (#4029)
  • fix: ProductsContainers are not replaceable (#4025)
  • fix: ProductGridItem is not replaceable (#4027)


  • CI: Run Jest and Meteor tests in parallel (#4030)


  • docs(jsdoc): namespace MethodHooks into its own JSDoc section. (#3844) .. Resolves #3840


This release contains a lot of fixes, some of them performance related and several enormous refactors. The three biggest changes are:

  1. We've migrated from the Meteor version of Simple Schema to the npm version. See notes in the breaking changes section below.
  2. We've dropped our dependency on the deprecated Meteor-CollectionFS package. We've replaced it with an npm package we've created called reaction-file-collections
  3. We've created a new catalog collection for use on the Product Grid when viewed by a consumer or other user without a product admin role

There's a full list of changes and fixes below, as well as detailed explanations of potential breaking changes and what you might need to do to migrate


This is a breaking change for any plugin that implements or modifies a schema based on the Meteor simple-schema package.

From the Simple Schema update

This PR updates the aldeed:simple-schema Meteor package dependency to instead depend on the simpl-schema NPM package, which is the newest release of the same library. As part of this change, there are several breaking changes and other gotchas to be aware of.

IMPORTANT! The NPM package does not play nice with the previous Meteor package. After updating to this Reaction release, run the app one time, and then look at the .meteor/versions file. Make sure that aldeed:simple-schema is not listed. If it is there, that is because you depend on another Meteor package that depends on aldeed:simple-schema. You will have to update or remove any such packages (with meteor remove / meteor add) until aldeed:simple-schema disappears from your .meteor/versions file. Search your app for any import { SimpleSchema } from "meteor/aldeed:simple-schema" lines that you have added in your custom code, and replace them with import SimpleSchema from "simpl-schema" Be aware that the package name does not have the "e" on "simpl". (There is a different NPM package called simple-schema with the "e", and that is NOT the one you want.) If you have your own custom schemas, refer to the SimpleSchema changelog to update them for the breaking changes: If you use attachSchema in your code, be aware that passing an array to attachSchema will no longer work. You should first merge all the schemas and then pass the combined schema to attachSchema

Please read the PR if you need more details Use NPM SimpleSchema rather than Meteor #3331

From the removal of CollecitonFS

If you've saved the file URLs anywhere, they're now different.








We've deleted some unused Blaze templates rather than update URL handling within them:

  • shopBrandImageOption
  • ordersListItems
  • select
  • upload
  • productMetaField
  • productMetaFieldForm
  • metaComponent
  • productDetailEdit
  • productDetailField
  • productImageGallery
  • imageDetail
  • imageUploader
  • productSocial
  • variantList
  • variant
  • Media-related publishing is changed and improved:

Publications have been added, removed, or changed:

  • CartItemImage publication is removed
  • CartImages now takes an ID
  • Added ProductGridMedia to replace Media being included with the products publication for the grid
  • Added ProductMedia
  • Added OrderImages, similar to CartImages, used for order now rather than reusing CartImages

Full notes on the PR to replace CFS #3782

From the customer product catalog

The old imports/plugins/included/product-variants/containers/productsContainer.js has been renamed to productsContainerAdmin.js and a new component named productsContainer.js now handles which products container to load based on the user's permissions. Full notes on the PR #3876

From the Dockerfile updates

reactioncommerce/base:v4.0.1 removed the following:

  • Removed the conditional MongoDB installation (via $INSTALL_MONGO env). Use mongo as a service in docker-compose, see example in README.
  • Removed the conditional PhantomJS installation (via $INSTALL_PHANTOMJS env). If PhantomJS is required in your build, you can include it in your custom Dockerfile. Full notes on the PR

Dockerfile Updates

  • Base image updated to reactioncommerce/base:v4.0.1 which has:
    • node:8.9.4 as base image (same Debian base as before, but with Node 8 preinstalled)
    • Meteor 1.6.1 preinstalled
  • Multi-stage build support. This helped reduce the size of the production image by removing un-required dependencies.
  • Final production bundle uses node:8.9.4-slim

Docker Compose changes

  • Updated existing docker-compose.yml to serve as the config for running a local development environment.
  • Added a new docker-compose-demo.yml for testing out production builds (this is the replacement for the previous docker-compose.yml).


  • Use NPM SimpleSchema rather than Meteor (#3331)


We've updated our circle ci config to use v2 of Workflows. This permits us to run additional automated tests on circle instead of using other services. We now have 6 workflow steps that must pass before a PR can be merged.


  • refactor: rename Import to Importer (#3613) .. Resolves ##1364
  • refactor: convert search modal wrapper to React (#3853)
  • refactor: replace CFS (#3782)
  • refactor: customer product grid publishing (#3876) .. Resolves #3662
  • refactor: remove unused collection hook (#3950)


  • fix: inventory updated on shopify sync (#3897) .. Resolves #3718
  • fix: settings startup error (#3939)
  • fix: email validation (#3899) .. Resolves #3733
  • fix: change all email verification links to use tokens (#3884)
  • fix: update shopId the right way. (#3947) .. Resolves #3945
  • fix: migration version after SimpleSchema NPM merge (#3929)
  • fix: ui glitches using dynamic merchandising (#3932)
  • fix: setting or changing a products perma-link causes hard refresh (#3755) .. #2246
  • fix: removing search-mongo plugin causes errors at startup (#3837) .. Resolves #3797
  • fix: Reaction.getShopId missing () (#3891)
  • fix: added delay and loader (#3796) .. #2863
  • fix: add back missing browser policy (#3894)
  • fix: discount codes limits are not honored (#3824) .. #3783
  • fix: remove cfs:graphicsmagick (#3869) .. Resolves #3868
  • fix: password validation (#3860) .. Resolves #3854
  • fix: set localstorage even when no Meteor.user exists (#3856) .. Resolves #3846
  • fix: handle misconfigured Avalara api (#3827) .. Resolves #3813
  • fix: fix for "capturing bulk orders throws server side error" (#3822) .. Resolves #3705
  • fix: shop switcher opens off-screen (#3809) .. Resolves #3619
  • fix: /shop added to URL (#3794) .. Resolves #2810
  • fix: adding country code to phone number before sending SMS (#3751) .. Resolves #3597
  • fix: changing the permalink before publishing a product results in "not found" (#3748)
  • fix: errors when updating default shipping and billing addresses (#3802)
  • fix: delayed response in localization settings (#3872)
  • fix: handle integer schema type when getting form field type (#3930)
  • fix: check for number if sms is enabled. (#3983) .. Resolves #3965
  • fix: marketplace shipping (#3981) .. Resolves #3979
  • fix: summary not shown in Invoice (#3989)
  • fix: dirty badge in product grid does not work (#3984)
  • fix: reactivity error when products are not published yet (#3970)
  • fix: global route hooks (#3896) .. Resolves #3895
  • fix: added all the missing avalara settings fields to the fieldsProps… (#3969)
  • fix: publishing group related to current shop (#3943) .. Resolves #3942
  • fix: break payment before sending to paypal (#3859) .. Resolves #1236
  • fix: delete shipping rates one at a time (#3968)
  • fix: card validator (#3892) .. Resolves #3875
  • fix: can't input refund properly (#3893) .. Resolves #3703
  • fix: clean paymentMethod objects before validating (#3961)
  • fix: console error during checkout (#3948)


  • chore: add imports/plugins/custom to eslint ignore (#3901)
  • chore: update Docker base for multi-stage builds (#3653)
  • chore: use circleci workflows 2 in circle config (#3959)
  • chore: remove ability to load Meteor.settings from settings.json (#3951)
  • chore: upgrade react-dates to 16.3.6 (#3952)


  • docs(jsdoc) - document and namespace Router.Hooks methods (#3874) .. Resolves #3840


Thanks to @pmn4 for contributing to this release!



  • fix: added unique to slug (#3745) .. Resolves #2736
  • fix: Correct Inventory updates when canceling an order (#3776)
  • fix: bulk order status corrected (#3807) .. Resolves #3692
  • fix: order refunding number input (#3826) .. Resolves #3702
  • fix: Changing user currency does not update prices (#3835)
  • fix: Fix invite shop owner (#3845) .. Resolves #3836


  • perf: performance upgrades by refactoring shopSelectDropdown Trackers (#3651)
  • perf: Improve unnecessary translation loading (#3838)


  • feat: Allow for ShopId when adding Brand Assets (#3529)


  • refactor: Call OrdersList as a Component (#3848)


  • chore: Add CodeTriage badge to reactioncommerce/reaction (#3666)
  • chore: Update React to 16.2.0 (#3801)


  • docs(jsdoc): Namespace Hooks.Events methods and add examples (#3843) .. Resolves #3840


Thanks to @pmn4 and @willmoss1000 for contributing to this release



  • (fix): email status (#3781) .. Resolves #3701
  • (fix): cannot search accounts in search modal (#3829)


Meteor 1.6.1

This release upgrades Reaction to Meteor 1.6.1

This is a possible BREAKING CHANGE. We've done our best to keep core reaction backwards compatible with this release, but as this update includes bumping to Babel 7, if you have plugins that depend on Babel 6, they will break. The Meteor 1.6.1 announcement or release notes are the best places to go for help debugging problems specific to Meteor introduced by this release. Additionally, you may want to check out Babel's own guide on Upgrading to Babel 7 or Planning for Babel 7

The biggest change in this release is that we're upgrading to Babel 7.

"@babel/runtime": "7.0.0-beta.38",

and in our dev-dependencies

"@babel/cli": "7.0.0-beta.38",
"@babel/core": "7.0.0-beta.38",
"@babel/preset-react": "7.0.0-beta.38",
"babel-preset-meteor": "7.0.0-beta.38-1"

Our babel presets now looks like this:

"presets": []

Yes, we've removed stage-2 and env from our presets. That's recommended as meteor now includes babel-preset-meteor

Please see the PR #3615 for even more detail on what has changed in the update to Meteor 1.6.1


This release introduces the following changes to our .eslintrc file


We've added the recommended set of rules for jsx-a11y. Reaction has always maintained a commitment to accessibility and adding this rule set provides linting rules to help enforce Aria and a11y compliance.

"extends": [

Base rule set

We've added the following base eslint rules. You can find their descriptions and examples of failing and passing code here:

"array-bracket-spacing": ["error", "never"],
"array-callback-return": ["error", { "allowImplicit": true }],
"arrow-body-style": ["error", "as-needed", { "requireReturnForObjectLiteral": false }],
"arrow-parens": [ "error", "always", { "requireForBlockBody": true }],
"no-await-in-loop": "error",
"no-bitwise": "error",
"no-case-declarations": "error",
"no-confusing-arrow": ["error", { "allowParens": true }],
"no-empty-pattern": "error",
"no-lonely-if": "error",
"no-mixed-operators": ["error", {
  "groups": [
    ["%", "**"],
    ["%", "+"],
    ["%", "-"],
    ["%", "*"],
    ["%", "/"],
    ["**", "+"],
    ["**", "-"],
    ["**", "*"],
    ["**", "/"],
    ["&", "|", "^", "~", "<<", ">>", ">>>"],
    ["==", "!=", "===", "!==", ">", ">=", "<", "<="],
    ["&&", "||"],
    ["in", "instanceof"]
  "allowSamePrecedence": false
"no-multi-assign": ["error"],
"no-multi-spaces": ["error", { "ignoreEOLComments": false }],
"no-plusplus": "error",
"no-prototype-builtins": "error",
"no-tabs": "error",
"no-undef-init": "error",
"no-unneeded-ternary": ["error", { "defaultAssignment": false }],
"no-unsafe-finally": "error",
"no-useless-computed-key": "error",
"no-useless-concat": "error",
"no-useless-constructor": "error",
"no-useless-escape": "error",
"no-void": "error",
"object-curly-newline": ["error", { "ObjectExpression": { "multiline": true, "consistent": true }, "ObjectPattern": { "multiline": true, "consistent": true } }],
"object-property-newline": ["error", { "allowAllPropertiesOnSameLine": true }],
"operator-assignment": ["error", "always"],
"prefer-destructuring": ["error", {
  "VariableDeclarator": {
    "array": false,
    "object": true
  "AssignmentExpression": {
    "array": true,
    "object": true
}, {
  "enforceForRenamedProperties": false
"prefer-rest-params": "error",
"prefer-spread": "error",
"prefer-template": "error",
"rest-spread-spacing": ["error", "never"],

Collection Hooks

We've removed the Collection Hooks package. This may be a breaking change if you're relying on Collection Hooks in your plugins. You can follow our examples to remove the Collection Hooks dependencies from your plugins or (not recommended) you can install the collection hooks meteor package back into your application without error.

We've replaced Accounts and Revisions Collection Hooks in #3642

  • Replaced all Account & Revision .before, .after collection hooks to use Hooks.Events API.
  • Updated Revisons.after.update(callback) to be Hooks.Events.add("afterRevisionUpdate", callback) and added"afterRevisionUpdate", userId, revision) after every Revisons.update(...) call.
  • Updated Accounts.after.insert(callback) to be Hooks.Events.add("afterAccountsInsert", callback) and added a"afterAccountsInsert", userId, user) after every Accounts.insert(...) call.
  • Updated Accounts.after.remove(callback) to be Hooks.Events.add("afterAccountsRemove", callback) and added a"afterAccountsRemove", userId, user) after every Accounts.remove(...) call.
  • Updated Accounts.after.update(callback) to be Hooks.Events.add("afterAccountsUpdate", callback) and added a"afterAccountsUpdate", userId, user) after every Accounts.update(...) call.
  • Removed .direct from any Accounts or Revisions collection calls

Breaking Changes

There are potentially breaking changes you should be aware of in this release.

  • (breaking, feat) CoreLayout should probe for React component as fallback (#3524) .. Resolves #3523 A plugin which has named React components identically to Blaze templates in core may no longer work.
  • (breaking, refactor) Remove unnecessary code in Media subscription. (#3558) .. Resolves #3548 We've renamed the Media subscription located in client/modules/core/subscriptions.js. This subscription's content has not changed, but is now more aptly named BrandAssets. This will only cause problems if you were subscribing to the Media publication seprately in your plugin.
  • (fix): remove "admin" permission from shop manager role (#3505) .. Resolves #3541 We've removed the admin role from the default role set that is granted to the Shop Manager group. This should not affect any existing shops, but if you have plugins or users that rely on the admin role being granted to the Shop Manager group you may need to update your plugins.
  • (refactor): replace imagemagick with sharp (#3631) .. Resolves #3482 This is only a breaking change if you have a plugin that depends on gm. It should be trivial to replace with sharp and this PR serves as an example of how to do so. Replace GraphicMagick/ImageMagick with sharp and remove dependency on gm Add sharp to the project and dynamically loads where necessary Update image transforms to to use the sharp() functions. Refactor the "Media" FS.Collection to map the image transforms through a buildGFS() function to create each FS.Store.GridFS collection.
  • (refactor): dynamically import moment.js (#3602) .. Resolves #2635 Provides withMoment HOC to wrap components that use moment. May cause breaking changes if you relied on any of the following Blaze templates or helpers which are no longer used in core: Remove timezoneOptions Blaze template helper from client/modules/core/helpers/templates.js, as it's no longer used in any core files. Remove ordersList, orderPage/details and orderPage Blaze templates, which were replaced by React templates Move dateFormat Blaze template helper out of the global helpers, and into a specific template helper, since it's only used in one place
  • Babel 7 / Meteor 1.6.1 update mentioned in detail at the beginning of these release notes.

Dependency Update

  • (chore): update node dependencies (#3630)
    • Updates the following npm packages by a major version number: babel-jest, jest, libphonenumber-js
    • Updates the following npm packages bya minor version number: authorize-net, autoprefixer, babel-eslint, braintree, core-js, enzyme-to-json, enzyme, eslint-plugin-react, i18next, moment, nexmo, nock, node-loggly-bulk, paypal-rest-sdk, postcss, radium, react-dropzone, react-image-magnify, react-onclickoutside, react-select, react-table, react-tether, shopify-api-node, stripe, sweetalert2, swiper, twilio, velocity-animate

React Conversion

  • We've converted the Avalara Setting page to React (see #3348)


  • (refactor): upgrade Meteor to 1.6.1 (#3615) .. Resolves #3029
  • (refactor): eslint-9 and Aria (#3582) .. Resolves #3574
  • (refactor): Enable eslint prefer-destructuring (#3610) .. Resolves #3573
  • (refactor): Fix warnings after turning on eslint prefer-destructuring (#3598) .. Resolves #3573
  • (refactor): eslint rule updates (1) (#3578) .. Resolves #3566
  • (refactor): eslint errors (#3604) .. Resolves #3570
  • (refactor): eslint rules 4 (#3599) .. Resolve #3569
  • (refactor): fix eslint and ARIA issues for notifications (#3593) .. Resolves #3574
  • (refactor): Deprecate meteor sAlert version (#3620) .. Resolves #3550
  • (refactor): import Reaction from /client|server|lib/api when possible (#3611) .. Resolves unreported issue
  • (refactor): remove theme editor (#3614) .. Resolves #2468
  • (refactor): remove meteor-collection-hooks dependency for orders (#3639) .. Resolves #3632
  • (refactor): 3636 nnnnat accounts revisions hooks events (#3642)
  • (refactor): remove TranslationProvider from lower level components (#3661)
  • (refactor): Converting Avalara Setting page to React (#3348)
  • (refactor): Dynamically import moment.js (#3602)
  • (refactor): replace imagemagick with Sharp (#3631) .. Resolves #3482
  • (refactor): removed analytics plugin (#3814) .. Resolves #2301
  • (refactor): use Events.Hooks instead of meteor collection hooks for cart events that trigger discount calculations (#3647)
  • (refactor): replace vsivsi:job-collection for npm module @reactioncommerce/job-queue (#3641) .. Resolves #3551
  • (refactor): nnnnat dynamic transliteration (#3749) .. Resolves #2634


  • Add CSS class to generic product fields (#3609) .. Resolves #3608


  • (fix): Undefined property: Reaction.Router.current().queryParam (#3384) .. Resolves #3496
  • (fix): Cart image & Remove cart icon alignment fixes (#3740)
  • (fix): Test Shopify credentials before saving. (#3468) .. Resolves #3371
  • (fix): Accounts admin: Check for return value of modal dialog. (#3659)
  • (fix): Display orderId instead of cartId (#3726) .. Resolves #3709
  • (fix): Marketplace - allow users to become sellers (#3725) .. Resolves #3617
  • (fix): substitute "-" for "/" when tagging docker image (#3739)
  • (fix): Zip is optional (#3738) .. Resolves #3530
  • (fix): Prevent mobile views having elements that are being cut off. (#3737)
  • (fix): Added css to make OR visible (#3736) .. Resolves #3293
  • (fix): Css to make whole title clickable (#3735) .. Resolves #3487
  • (fix): Added space to Taxcloud notice (#3722) .. Resolves #3720
  • (fix): shopify sync (#3663) .. Resolves #3502
  • (fix): restore remove from cart functionality (#3657)
  • (fix): Add missing address2 details (#3643)
  • (fix): Cannot complete checkout on second visit when using Anonymous user (#3640)
  • (fix): Fulfilling part of a multi-merchant order removes other parts of order (#3358) .. Resolves #3354
  • (fix): update action view size handling to fix shipping settings cutoff (#3759) .. Resolves #3396
  • (fix): Audit Product Images and update to always use optimized versions (#3730) .. Resolves #3637
  • (fix): Product url should open product detail page when user clicks on an item in the cart drawer (#3758) .. Resolves #3660
  • (fix): error when creating/update groups and/or group permissions for non-admin user (#3665) .. Resolves #3638
  • (fix): PDP placeholde image display (#3812)
  • (fix): handle invalid card details with (#3538) .. Resolves #3519
  • (fix): can't change localization values (#3817) .. Resolves #3811
  • (fix): shippo calculation error (#3774)
  • (fix): Add permission checks to template method and publication (#3606)
  • (fix): added currency formatting (#3808) .. Resolves #2286
  • (fix): PDP placeholde image display (#3812)
  • (fix): Sending the text to G+ (#3790) .. Resolves #2292
  • (fix): Edit address when already present (#3788) .. Resolves #3784
  • (fix): NavBar made only once (#3779) .. Resolves #3761
  • (fix): Add css to truncate (#3746) .. Resolves 3499:
  • (fix): Checking for shipping address and billing address (#3771) .. Resolves #3766
  • (fix): remove spinner before mounting (#3806) .. Resolves #3805
  • (fix): Don't use default for moment in invoice (#3816) .. Resolves #3815
  • (fix): Remove methods deprecated in 1.5 (#3744) .. Resolves #2882
  • (fix): handle invalid card details with (#3538) .. Resolves #3519
  • (fix): error when creating/update groups and/or group permissions for non-admin user (#3665)
  • (fix): Product url should open product detail page when user clicks on an item in the cart drawer (#3758)
  • (fix): error when switching table layout in order dashboard (#3773)
  • (fix): mobile subnav (#3775) .. Resolves #3679


  • (chore): Build Docker image, tag, and push for every branch (#3629) .. Part of #2858 Updates our CI build process to build and tag docker images on every push to github. We are now tagging docker images with the SHA1, the git-branch-name, any git tags and tagging latest if there is a push to Master with the latest tag. You can see all of tagged docker images on our docker hub.
  • (chore): Add sentence to pull request template requesting images for UIX PRs (#3741)
  • (chore): Update pull request template (#3687)
  • (chore): update node dependencies (#3630)
  • (chore): New build step "Asset Provisioning" (#3335)
  • (chore): Remove methods deprecated in 1.5 (#3744)
  • (chore): update links to issue tags and Contributing Guide (#3700)
  • (chore): add link to Contributing Guide in docs (#3688)


  • (perf): dynamically import DayPickerRangeController (#3622) .. Part of #3621
  • (perf): remove kadira:dochead meteor package and add needed functions to a core plugin (#3625) .. Resolves #3548
  • (perf): flatten startup code and speed up translation import (#3592)
  • (perf): Don't rerender on failed sign in, (#3664)
  • (perf): User prefs stored in Accounts (#3463) .. Resolves #3404
  • (perf): dynamically load transliteration (#3749) .. Resolves #2634
  • (perf): remove meteor and babel-preset-react from babel presets (#3800)


  • (i18n): Updated French translations (#3713)
  • (i18n): Changed all instances of 'shoify' to Shopify (#3723) .. Resolves #3712
  • (i18n): Update en.json (#3787)


Thanks to @thetre97, @loanlaux, @wackywombaat12 and @codejockie for contributing to this release