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Copyright Statement for Contributions to the Reactive Streams Project
I hereby represent that all present, past and future contributions I make to
the Reactive Streams project (which includes all repositories owned by the
“reactive-streams” github organization) are governed by the Creative Commons
Zero 1.0 Universal copyright statement, placing my contributions in the public
domain. This entails that to the extent possible under law I waive all
copyright and related or neighboring rights to the code or documents I
contribute. I also represent that I have the authority to perform the above
waiver with respect to the entirety of my contributions.
The text of the copyright statement is included in the COPYING file at the root
of the reactive-streams repository at
Underwriting parties:
github name | Real Name, Email Address used for git commits, Company
rkuhn | Roland Kuhn,, Typesafe Inc.
benjchristensen| Ben Christensen,, Netflix Inc.
viktorklang | Viktor Klang,, Typesafe Inc.
smaldini | Stephane Maldini,, Pivotal Software Inc.
savulchik | Stanislav Savulchik,
ktoso | Konrad Malawski,, Typesafe Inc.
ouertani | Slim Ouertani,
2m | Martynas Mickevičius,, Typesafe Inc.
ldaley | Luke Daley,, Gradleware Inc.
colinrgodsey | Colin Godsey,, MediaMath Inc.
davidmoten | Dave Moten,
briantopping | Brian Topping,, Mauswerks LLC
rstoyanchev | Rossen Stoyanchev,, Pivotal
BjornHamels | Björn Hamels,
JakeWharton | Jake Wharton,
anthonyvdotbe | Anthony Vanelverdinghe,
seratch | Kazuhiro Sera,, SmartNews, Inc.
akarnokd | David Karnok,
egetman | Evgeniy Getman,
patriknw | Patrik Nordwall,, Lightbend Inc
angelsanz | Ángel Sanz,
shenghaiyang | 盛海洋,
kiiadi | Kyle Thomson,,
jroper | James Roper,, Lightbend Inc.
olegdokuka | Oleh Dokuka,, Netifi Inc.
Scottmitch | Scott Mitchell,, Apple Inc.
retronym | Jason Zaugg,, Lightbend Inc.
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