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Using vertx-client for AWS SDK v2
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Use AWS SDK v2 with Vert.x

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This project provides a VertxNioAsyncHttpClient and a VertxExecutor so that you can use AWS SDK v2 in a Vert.x context.

Version compatibility matrix

Project Vert.x AWS sdk
0.0.1 3.8.0 2.7.8


See this page


AWS SDK v1 => blocking IOs

As you know, Vert.x uses non-blocking IO. This means, among other stuff, that you should never ever block the event-loop. AWS SDK v1 implementation relies on blocking IOs. This means you cannot use it together with Vert.x in a straightforward way. You would end up blocking the event-loop, hence killing your application's scalability. The only option would be to wrap your synchronous calls to AWS SDK v1 within executeBlocking or use a worker thread.

Even though some methods of the AWS SDK are indicated as "async" (DynamoAsyncClient for instance), it internally uses a thread pool whose size is configurable. Those threads can be a bottleneck in your application

You cannot really use AWS SDK v1 together with Vert.x in a non-blocking scalable way.

Embrace AWS SDK v2

Since 2018, AWS has published the version 2 of its SDK, embracing non-blocking IO model.

Now you can use V2 together with Vert.x using this project.

  • using Vert.x's HTTP client
  • CompletableFuture<?>'s are executed in the same Vert.x context that the one that made the request


Tests placed under the io.vertx.ext.awssdk.integration package are using localstack: a huge set of utilities (docker images) emulating AWS Services (DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3, etc.).

In order to do so, they require a local docker daemon running on the machine.

They will download docker images from the docker hub, run the appropriate service as a docker container, then test the code against this local docker container.

They'll only be executed if the system property tests.integration is set to localstack. They'll be ignored otherwise.


Documentation is docs/ and visible at or

Javadoc can be produced (with Java 11 otherwise it does not link Vert.x API docs)

> ./gradlew javadocToDocsFolder

This will update the docs/javadoc with latest javadocs

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