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A Maven plugin for pimping the build of your Vert.x applications
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Maven Plugin for Eclipse Vert.x

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This Maven plugin is a one-stop-shop for packaging, running, starting and stopping vert.x Java applications. This plugin combines the goals of Maven Shade, Maven Exec into one, allowing the users to have a simplified pom.xml.


The following are the list of features that will be part of the plugin:

  • Packaging the vert.x application as fat or uber jar

  • Running vert.x application as part of maven build in forked or unforked mode

  • Starting vert.x application a daemon mode by tagging with a autogenerated id or configurable id i.e. -id option to vertx start

  • Setup Set up your existing or new maven project with vert.x maven plugin and vert.x core dependencies

  • Stopping vert.x application running daemon mode, this also allows to pass multiple application id’s to be stopped

  • Ability to pass vertx configuration -conf automatically if a file named artifactId.json or artifactId.yaml or or artifactId.yml is present in project sources under src/main/conf. The users can also configure the same via plugin configuration. Refer to vertx:run for more information

  • Ability to perform when redeploy is enabled, please check the vertx:run for more information

  • Ability to perform SPI combination when serviceProviderCombination is configured vertx:package for more information

Plugin Goals




Package vert.x application into a fat jar


Runs the vert.x application from the maven build


Will start the vert.x application as daemon


Set up your existing or new maven project with vert.x maven plugin and vert.x core dependencies


Will stop the vert.x application running as daemon



If you feel to add any feature you can open issue in and we will try to address it as soon as possible


We love contributions, if you wish to contribute a patch or feature, please open a issue in and send in a PR.


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