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Custom Launcher Example

This project illustrates how to customize the Vert.x Launcher by providing your own. So this example use a main verticle and a custom launcher (used to deploy the verticle).


First, launch the application in redeploy mode using:

mvn compile vertx:run

Then, open a browser to http://localhost:8040, you should see Bonjour World, it works !. The Bonjour part comes from a configuration injected by our custom launcher (org.vertx.demo.MyLauncher). You can change this class, it triggers the redeployment.

The Launcher class is configured in the pom.xml file using the vertx.launcher property:


The main verticle is declared in the vertx.verticle property.

When done with development, hit CTRL+C.


Package the application using:

mvn clean package

The fat-jar is executable, so run it using:

java -jar target/custom-launcher-example-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar 

Hit CTRL+C to stop the process.