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Make RDC private fields read only

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1 parent 2136776 commit 31f7e08655d32d9f6943eba51323b487fffdb032 @niik niik committed with paulcbetts
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  1. +5 −5 ReactiveUI/ReactiveCollectionMixins.cs
10 ReactiveUI/ReactiveCollectionMixins.cs
@@ -153,11 +153,11 @@ public void Dispose()
public sealed class ReactiveDerivedCollection<TSource, TValue> : ReactiveDerivedCollection<TValue>, IDisposable
- IEnumerable<TSource> source;
- Func<TSource, TValue> selector;
- Func<TSource, bool> filter;
- Func<TValue, TValue, int> orderer;
- IObservable<Unit> signalReset;
+ readonly IEnumerable<TSource> source;
+ readonly Func<TSource, TValue> selector;
+ readonly Func<TSource, bool> filter;
+ readonly Func<TValue, TValue, int> orderer;
+ readonly IObservable<Unit> signalReset;
// This list maps indices in this collection to their corresponding indices in the source collection.
List<int> indexToSourceIndexMap;

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