Nov 8, 2018
Update azure-pipelines.yml

@reactiveuibot reactiveuibot released this Oct 28, 2018

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What's Changed

@reactiveuibot reactiveuibot released this Oct 5, 2018

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What's Changed

Please note the biggest change is ReactiveList, IReactiveDerivedList are being marked as deprecated. Recommend the use of DynamicData

@reactiveuibot reactiveuibot released this Aug 15, 2018

Assets 14

As part of this release we had 6 issues closed.

Thank You everyone who contributed to get the intergration tests done!

Thanks Glenn and Emmanuele for adding TV OS support!


  • #1616 Fix: change exceptions to have meaningful directions to documentation to help users.
  • #1597 "Couldn't find an IPlatformOperations. This should never happen, your dependency resolver is broken" on WPF

Xamarin TV OS

  • #1706 feature: Add support for Xamarin TV.OS

@reactiveuibot reactiveuibot released this Aug 11, 2018

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As part of this release we had 4 commits which resulted in 3 issues being closed.

Thanks to Sebastian who worked on some WinForms enhancement.

Also thank you to Colt Bauman who added some enhancements to the ReactiveTableViewSource component animation state.

ReactiveUI Core

  • #1702 Fix: Made POCOObservableForProperty include property name in warning

Windows Forms

  • #1650 Winforms stuff (TargetFramework, #1590, ReactiveUserControl)

Xamarin iOS

  • #1712 Add properties to specify UITableViewRowAnimations