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Title: Team

ReactiveUI is an Open Source project that relies on the tireless support of individual contributors. These are the teams that guide the development and instruction of ReactiveUI.

The Core Team

  • Geoffrey Huntley
  • Kent Boogaart
  • Olly Levett
  • Oren Novotny
  • Shane Neuville
  • Stefan Moonen
  • Glenn Watson

The Learning Team

The Learning Team is responsible for keeping the guides and API documentation accurate and up-to-date. They also manage the community outreach coordination and other initiatives that support learning ReactiveUI.

  • Helena Robeck
  • Geoffrey Huntley
  • Rune Jacobsen
  • Rodney Littles
  • Giusepe Casagrande
  • John Metta
  • Stephen Price

The Translation Team

  • Ramon Esteban
  • Andres Pineda
  • Adrián Romero

The Android Team

  • Colt Bauman
  • Stefan Moonen

The iOS Team

  • Stefan Moonen

The macOS Team

The NETCore Team

  • Geoffrey Huntley

The Tizen Team

  • Geoffrey Huntley

The UWP Team

  • Geoffrey Huntley

The WebAssembly Team

  • Geoffrey Huntley

The Winforms Team

  • Sebastian Richter

The WPF Team

  • Sebastian Richter

The Xamarin Forms Team

  • Shane Neuville
  • Kent Boogaart


Serving as a member of an open source project like ReactiveUI is a huge amount of work. These are retired members of the ReactiveUI Team, to whom we will always be grateful.

  • Paul Betts
  • Brendan Forster