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Update dependency Newtonsoft.Json to v12 #779

merged 3 commits into from Apr 21, 2019


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@renovate renovate bot commented Apr 20, 2019

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change References
Newtonsoft.Json nuget major 9.0.1 -> 12.0.1 source

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • New feature - Added NuGet package signing
  • New feature - Added Authenticode assembly signing
  • New feature - Added SourceLink support
  • New feature - Added constructors to StringEnumConverter for setting AllowIntegerValue
  • New feature - Added JsonNameTable and JsonTextReader.PropertyNameTable
  • New feature - Added line information to JsonSerializationException
  • New feature - Added JObject.Property overload with a StringComparison
  • New feature - Added JsonMergeSettings.PropertyNameComparison
  • New feature - Added support for multiple Date constructors with JavaScriptDateTimeConverter
  • New feature - Added support for strict equals and strict not equals in JSON Path queries
  • New feature - Added EncodeSpecialCharacters setting to XmlNodeConverter
  • New feature - Added trace message for serializing to non-writable properties
  • New feature - Added support for NamingStrategy to StringEnumConverter
  • New feature - Added JsonLoadSettings.DuplicatePropertyNameHandling setting
  • Change - JTokenReader now uses JsonReader.DateTimeZoneHandling setting for date values
  • Change - Excluded TargetSite when serializing Exceptions without SerializableAttribute
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.ctor(bool camelCaseText) to obsolete
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.CamelCaseText to obsolete
  • Fix - Fixed incorrect overflow when reading decimal values from JSON
  • Fix - Fixed error message when trying to deserialize an abstract serializable type
  • Fix - Fixed parsing decimals from a string with an exponent
  • Fix - Fixed losing DateTime.Kind when deserializing ISO date strings
  • Fix - Fixed calling constructors with ref and in parameters
  • Fix - Fixed rare race condition in name table when serializing
  • Fix - Fixed unhelpful exception message when unable to convert JSON value to DateTime
  • Fix - Fixed error when deserializing empty array in DataTable
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing empty string to empty byte array
  • Fix - Fixed blank extension data values with required properties and deserializing with constructor
  • Fix - Fixed ignored values being set in extension data when deserializing
  • Fix - Fixed comparing equal integer and floating point values in JSON Path
  • Fix - Fixed BsonReader when reading multiple content
  • Fix - Fixed setting extension data with existing key
  • Fix - Fixed including array attribute in XML with namespaces when converting JSON to XML
  • Fix - Fixed error when serializing ref struct properties by excluding them from serialization


Compare Source

  • Change - Revert DataContractAttribute to not force JSON object serialization (use JsonObjectAttribute instead)
  • Fix - Fixed JPropertyDesciptor.GetValue and SetValue to not throw for non-JObject argument
  • Fix - Fixed JObject ICustomTypeDescriptor.GetProperty to return the current instance
  • Fix - Fixed serializing FileInfo/DirectoryInfo with a JsonConverter in .NET Standard
  • Fix - Fixed serializing F# enums
  • Fix - Fixed serializing types with multiple members of the same name


Compare Source

  • New feature - Added netstandard2.0 build
  • New feature - Added generic JsonConverter
  • New feature - Added UnixDateConverter for converting Unix timestaps
  • New feature - Added support for regex operator in JSON Paths
  • New feature - Added JsonObjectAttribute.ItemNullValueHandling
  • New feature - Added JsonObjectContract.ItemNullValueHandling
  • New feature - Improved performance when resolving serialization contracts by using ConcurrentDictionary
  • New feature - Improved performance of JToken.Path with a faster reverse
  • New feature - Improved performance of parsing Int32 JSON integer values
  • New feature - Improved performance of parsing and writing enum names
  • New feature - Added IgnoreIsSpecifiedMembers to DefaultContractResolver
  • New feature - Added IgnoreShouldSerializeMembers to DefaultContractResolver
  • New feature - Added support for reading multiple comma delimited values with JsonReader.SupportMultipleContent
  • New feature - Improved error message when an object is reused with PreserveReferencesHandling
  • New feature - Added IConvertible support to netstandard1.3
  • New feature - Added INotifyPropertyChanging support to netstandard1.3
  • New feature - Optimized internal buffering when writing very large strings
  • New feature - JObject.ContainsKey is now public
  • New feature - Improved the error message when serialized ByRef properties
  • New feature - Improved the error message when serializing FileInfo/DictionaryInfo without ISerializable
  • New feature - Improved the error message when failing conversion in JsonReader.ReadAsInt32 and JsonReader.ReadAsDecimal
  • New feature - Improved the error message when deserializing badly formatted regex strings
  • Change - Types that implement ISerializable but don't have [SerializableAttribute] are not serialized using ISerializable
  • Change - Changed JsonProperty.MemberConverter to obsolete
  • Change - Changed camel casing logic for all caps words to not leave last character capitalized
  • Change - Changed enum serialization in dictionary keys to use EnumMemberAttribute
  • Fix - Fixed converting default datetime in JSON to XML on netstandard1.3
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing ObservableCollection in .NET Core 2.0
  • Fix - Fixed incorrectly allowing static IsSpecified properties
  • Fix - Fixed not preserving trailing zeros when deserializing decimals
  • Fix - Fixed JValue.CompareTo with number and string values
  • Fix - Fixed not erroring when reading undefined for nullable long
  • Fix - Fixed serializing immutable collections when .NET 4.0 or previous Newtonsoft.Json assembly is GACed
  • Fix - Fixed writing null values by XmlNodeConverter and RegexConverter
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing with a TraceWriter when the reader is not at the start
  • Fix - Fixed TraceJsonWriter.WriteValue(object) writing value twice
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing with constructor and readonly collection property
  • Fix - Fixed error when writing unknown null value as JSON
  • Fix - Fixed merging null string values
  • Fix - Fixed missing CancellationToken usages in JsonTextWriter.WriteAsync
  • Fix - Fixed error with JsonSerializer.Populate and comments in JSON array
  • Fix - Fixed error handling when deserializing certain dictionary and lists
  • Fix - Fixed serializing collection that is nullable
  • Fix - Fixed JsonTextReader sync read in async method
  • Fix - Fixed JsonConverter not called when target type is list and token is a string
  • Fix - Fixed serializing a property that is defined in multiple interfaces
  • Fix - Fixed error when deserializing null value into ConcurrentDictionary
  • Fix - Fixed escaping special characters in generated JSON Paths
  • Fix - Fixed reading escaped special characters in JSON Paths
  • Fix - Fixed using extension data with dictionary that explicitly implements Add method
  • Fix - Fixed parsing enum name to exact casing value before falling back to case-insensitive value
  • Fix - Fixed DataContractAttribute not forcing object serialization of classes
  • Fix - Fixed bug when deserializing into existing non-IList collection
  • Fix - Fixed bug when deserializing into existing non-IDictionary collection
  • Fix - Fixed JsonReader.ReadAsInt32 with BigInteger values


Compare Source

  • New feature - Added support for deserializing XmlElement, XmlNode, XObject, XNode and XContainer with XmlNodeConverter
  • Change - MinClientVersion 2.12 added to NuGet package to restrict to compatible clients
  • Fix - Fixed JsonSerializer.Binder to not throw an error when binder instance is compatible
  • Fix - Fixed stack overflow when deserializing incomplete JSON to XML
  • Fix - Fixed JSON Path recursive descent queries
  • Fix - Fixed serializing ConcurrentDictionary in .NET Core 2.0
  • Fix - Fixed serializing ConcurrentStack/Queue/Bag
  • Fix - Fixed MemoryTraceWriter thread safety
  • Fix - Fixed JSON Path root filter sometimes not correctly returning root token
  • Fix - Fixed properties with JsonIgnore not being ignored with ItemRequired
  • Fix - Fixed JToken.Load not reading past comment when CommentHandling is Ignore
  • Fix - Fixed JsonReader.ReadAsDecimal with a JValue containing a BigInteger value
  • Fix - Fixed converting JSON values to XML attributes to ignore current culture
  • Fix - Fixed converting JSON byte array data to XML
  • Fix - Fixed reading some types from KeyValuePairConverter incorrectly
  • Fix - Fixed comparing high precision decimal JValues
  • Fix - Fixed JsonWriter.WriteToken(JsonReader) not erroring on incomplete token
  • Fix - Fixed not preventing negative integers with StringEnumConverters.AllowIntegerValues


Compare Source

  • Change - .NET 4 portable class library target added back to NuGet package
  • Change - Changed NuGet dependencies to use NETStandard.Library 1.6.1
  • Change - Changed double parsing back to double.TryParse to avoid small floating point precision errors
  • Fix - Fixed binary serialization of JsonException and friends
  • Fix - Fixed JsonLoadSettings.LineInfoHandling not being used correctly when loading JTokens
  • Fix - Fixed serializing IListSource implementations
  • Fix - Fixed handling errors when reading metadata properties during deserialization


Compare Source

  • New feature - Added async read support to JsonReader
  • New feature - Added async write support to JsonWriter
  • New feature - Added async support for loading JObject and JArray
  • New feature - Added non-allocating parsing of double and decimal values
  • New feature - Added support for TypeConverters to netstandard1.0+
  • New feature - Added support for BigInteger to netstandard1.3+
  • New feature - Added support for ISerializable to netstandard1.3+
  • New feature - Added support for XmlDocument to netstandard1.3+
  • New feature - Added support for SerializableAttribute and NonSerializedAttribute to netstandard1.3+
  • New feature - Added ISerializationBinder
  • New feature - Added SerializationBinder properties to JsonSerializer and JsonSerializerSettings
  • New feature - Added TypeNameAssemblyFormatHandling
  • New feature - Added TypeNameAssemblyFormatHandling properties to JsonSerializer and JsonSerializerSettings
  • New feature - Added support for root object selector in JSONPath filters
  • New feature - Added support for multiple names in JSONPath scan filter
  • New feature - Added support for any combination of paths and values in JSONPath filter expressions
  • New feature - Added support for extension data names to NamingStrategy
  • New feature - Added ProcessExtensionDataNames flag to NamingStrategy
  • New feature - Added JsonWriter.AutoCompleteOnClose to control whether JSON is auto-completed on JsonWriter.Close
  • New feature - Added JsonReaderException constructor with path, line number, line position
  • New feature - Added JsonWriterException constructor with path
  • New feature - Added JsonReader.SetToken method overload with option not to update position array index
  • New feature - Added support for automatically calling single constructor on immutable structs
  • Change - Removed .NET 4 portable class library target from NuGet package
  • Change - Removed obsolete JsonConverter.GetSchema method
  • Change - Removed obsolete constructor from DefaultContractResolver
  • Change - Removed obsolete async methods from JsonConvert
  • Change - Removed obsolete OnDeserialized, OnDeserializing, OnSerialized, OnSerializing, OnError from JsonContract
  • Change - Removed obsolete JsonDictionaryContract.PropertyNameResolver
  • Change - Removed obsolete ConstructorParameters, OverrideConstructor, ParametrizedConstructor from JsonObjectContract
  • Change - Obsoleted TypeNameAssemblyFormat properties on JsonSerializer and JsonSerializerSettings
  • Change - Obsoleted SerializationBinder
  • Change - Obsoleted Binder properties on JsonSerializer and JsonSerializerSettings
  • Change - Obsoleted FormatterAssemblyStyle in non-full .NET targets
  • Change - Obsoleted Newtonsoft.Json.Bson (moved to new NuGet package)
  • Change - Improved constructor parameter binding on .NET Core and portable builds
  • Change - Improved error when attempting to convert root JSON object property to an XML attribute
  • Change - Changed exception thrown when parsing invalid Unicode escape sequence to JsonReaderException
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.AllowIntegerValues to also reject reading integer strings
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.AllowIntegerValues to also reject writing enum values with no name
  • Fix - Fixed JsonTextReader.ReadAsXXX methods not erroring on missing commas between values
  • Fix - Fixed error when serializing F# lists with F# 4.1+
  • Fix - Fixed StringEnumConverter reading specified enum names that contain a comma
  • Fix - Fixed using a TraceWriter with nullable bytes
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing null Regex values
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing DataTable with error handling
  • Fix - Fixed DynamicReflectionDelegateFactory creating typed value type constructors
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing with type naming and complex nested generic types
  • Fix - Fixed error when converting certain JSON to XML on .NET Core
  • Fix - Fixed error handling skipping reading the next object value
  • Fix - Fixed date XML precision when converting certain JSON to XML on portable builds
  • Fix - Fixed not serializing readonly properties as references if they have corresponding creator parameters
  • Fix - Fixed type name being written with nullable structs and TypeNameHandling.Auto
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing a duplicate dictionary key from a parameterized constructor
  • Fix - Fixed not erroring when deserializing incomplete JSON with a parameterized constructor
  • Fix - Fixed incorrectly parsing scan filter when name is quoted
  • Fix - Fixed return type for SByte and SByteNullable in JToken.ToObject
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing generic only IList types with a constructor override
  • Fix - Fixed null reference error with ReadAsBytes and an empty JSON object
  • Fix - Fixed StringEnumConverter when EnumMember defines members that differ only by case
  • Fix - Fixed serializing protected override properties
  • Fix - Fixed merging null with complex type and MergeNullValueHandling.Ignore
  • Fix - Fixed roundtripping double.MaxValue and float.MaxValue as dictionary keys
  • Fix - Fixed JsonValidatingReader not closing underlying reader
  • Fix - Fixed writing duplicate nulls to trace with TraceJsonWriter.WriteValue for object, Uri, byte[]
  • Fix - Fixed BsonWriter.WriteValue erroring for null Uri or byte[]
  • Fix - Fixed not calling nullable WriteValue overloads in TraceJsonWriter
  • Fix - Fixed serializer not throwing an error when there is a comment followed by additional content when CheckAdditionalContent is true
  • Fix - Fixed JObject/JArray Parse not throwing an error when there is a comment followed by additional content
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing non-string values in some XML nodes
  • Fix - Fixed converting XML to JSON when json:Array and xmlns:json attributes are used directly on the array's element
  • Fix - Fixed error when attempting to populate values into read-only collection after creating object from non-default constructor

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@dustinsoftware dustinsoftware commented Apr 21, 2019

I think it's time to embrace the update here. We'll need to publish a 5.x version alongside 4.x fixes since this is a major dep update.


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@renovate renovate bot commented Apr 21, 2019

PR has been edited

馃懛 This PR has received other commits, so Renovate will stop updating it to avoid conflicts or other problems. If you wish to abandon your changes and have Renovate start over you may click the "rebase" checkbox in the PR body/description.


@dustinsoftware dustinsoftware merged commit ddec794 into master Apr 21, 2019
3 of 4 checks passed
@renovate renovate bot deleted the renovate/newtonsoft.json-12.x branch Apr 21, 2019
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@erdihu erdihu commented Oct 24, 2019

It's nice to update the Newtonsoft.Json dependency, sadly not every tool supports it.
What is the minimum version to be able to install ReactJS.NET 5.1.1? Is it really 12.0.1 or is version 11.* supported as well?


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@dustinsoftware dustinsoftware commented Oct 24, 2019

Yeah it鈥檚 12. You can use biding redirects to use an old version. If for some reason that doesn鈥檛 work, the recommended path is to clone the repo and build your own DLL pinned to an older version...

You might also be able to grab a built DLL from a PR build off of azure pipelines, it should show up in the successful checks details section of the PR


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