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April 21 (discuss)


15.0 Post Mortem

Release was pretty rocky

  • We didn’t have a cohesive enough story around what was to be included in the release.
  • Now that we have more dependants (RN, many teams internally and externally) it’s becoming an issue.
  • Examples of changes that we should have planned better:
  • Our default in the past has been to just work on everything individually.
    • Ben created a special GitHub group so that we can auto-subscribe all of us to some big picture issues.
  • We should have shipped an RC3.
    • But why did we get to RC2?
    • Having browser tests (Jim) and planning releases (Paul) more thoroughly should fix this.
  • We should make the release process easier.
    • Right now there’s too much manual work involved.
    • If it was just one command, maybe we would have been more open to releasing RC3.

Releasing 15.0.2

  • Either this Friday or early next week.
  • We merged some changes to bring the react-native-renderer into the React repo so we can change React internals more freely without breaking RN.
  • What else should get into 15.0.2?
  • Right now we just run master on Facebook.
  • In six months, master and 15.x can diverge significantly.
  • We need to figure out a better story around syncing React with:
    • The Facebook website.
    • React Native.
  • Paul will write up how we’re going to do releases moving forward.

Universal Components

  • Nicolas from Twitter created React Native Web.
  • Leland from Airbnb maintains a fork.
  • It is not clear how to create universal components.
  • For example, if you depend on View from react-native, you pull in the whole react-native.
  • How do you create a component that is renderable both in React Native and React Native Web?
    • Some registration system?
    • Injectable components?
    • Strings?
  • No conclusion, lots to think about.

Adding Flow to React

  • Flow has helped engineers at Facebook immensely, and it might help us here:
    • We’d like to be more confident in the changes we want to make.
    • Might help newcomers be more comfortable making changes in the codebase.
    • Ben might experiment with adding it in some places, but we might want to hold off.
  • Sebastian’s concerns:
    • The work on incremental reconciler is going to be very invasive.
    • Forcing addition of Flow in places where it’s very hard to type should be a non-goal as there’s a lot of meta-programming.

Who’s Working on What

  • Ben: Working on some education material for React that could end up in the docs.
  • Dan: After a chat with Sebastian, submitted another PR for the future ReactPerf and DevTools revamp.
  • Jim: Mostly still fixing regressions.
  • Paul: Flat bundles, modernizing our build process, thinking about the new release process.
  • Sebastian: Bug fixes to make React Native to work with React 15.
  • Shayne: React Native relies on npm, so we need a better way of consuming npm modules internally at Facebook.

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.