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April 28 (discuss)


Release Process and React Native

We want to release to React Native more frequently

  • Can we push more frequently like we do with the Facebook website?
  • What if we ship React minor releases (or patch releases) every two weeks?
  • We should be using a public stable release of React (either a minor or patch) on the website.
  • This would coincide with the React Native release process.

React Native users have way more third-party dependencies

  • These won’t be compatible with “pre-release” or bleeding edge versions of React.
  • The only people that use RC are folks that have something that was fixed (usually by them) in the RC.
  • Otherwise, upgrading so frequently is incredibly draining.

Should we have feature flags, like Ember does?

  • Maybe this would help catch regressions earlier.
  • On the other hand, this causes an explosion of possible build configurations.

If we’re releasing more frequently we need to be testing React Native more

  • We need to be testing the React release in React Native.
  • Everyone on the team needs to have a working React Native setup on their machines.

Should we publish nightly releases?

  • Can React Native lock itself into whatever nightly it wants?
  • But we don’t want React Native to be pegged to a specific commit.
  • This is pretty much what we started doing in 15.x with alpha releases for patches.

Current plan

  • Going to publish alphas, which can be released as frequently as we want, even like 4 a day.
  • Once something is stable and we’re confident it's working in React Native, we’ll cut an actual release.
  • React Native and Relay always reference a stable release in their dependencies.

What will our messaging be about alphas?

  • Alpha = use at your own risk.
  • If you depend on an alpha due to an urgent fix you need, pin it to a specific version.
  • Guidance should be “never publish anything to npm with an alpha dependency”.

Open question: where does the breaking change development happen?

  • Are we on 15.1.0-dev or 16.0.0-dev?
  • Do we merge breaking changes to master?
  • Currently we cherry-pick commits to 15-stable but this is frustrating because 99% changes are not breaking.
  • Need to discuss more, no conclusion yet.

Experimenting with StyleSheet.create() on the web

  • Christopher continues experimenting with StyleSheet.create() on the Facebook website codebase.
  • He made a proof of concept compiling these calls into CSS sheets compatible with Facebook internal asset pipeline.
  • Maintaining correct specifity with StyleSheet.create() is not an easy problem, but it may be solved by throwing errors early during development when there is a potential specificity issue, and providing a clear way for the developer to work around it.
  • Compiling StyleSheet.create() to emitting real CSS files through our internal asset pipeline lets us move a bit closer to experimenting with real inline styles without having to bet on them right now.
  • Nothing is certain, and Christopher will continue experimenting this month.
  • If it doesn’t turn out to be valuable, this will not make it into React! Don’t get too excited.

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.