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May 5 (discuss)


ReactPerf Rewrite

  • Dan got his rewrite of ReactPerf merged into React master.
  • It is mostly functionally identical to the old one but is written in a more maintainable way.
  • At Facebook, we don’t use the console ReactPerf API much so we’ll need community help testing this.
  • There is a corresponding React Native PR that depends on these changes.
  • The change removes ReactPerf.measure() wrappers and instead emits events (e.g. onBeginLifeCycleTimer).
  • Related PRs: #6549, #6612, #6633, #6046.
  • It will most likely go into 15.1.0-alpha early next week.

TestUtils and Enzyme

  • Airbnb’s Enzyme is well maintained and supported.
  • Our TestUtils are not in a great shape, and most people prefer Enzyme.
  • Should Enzyme become the official TestUtils?


  • Ideally we want test runner to be a separate renderer.
  • Tests should run consistently and often synchronously so we don’t want to run them with incremental reconciler.
  • We have no official renderer APIs yet so without TestUtils Enzyme would have to rely on React internals.

#### Risks

  • If Enzyme is abandoned, we will have to maintain it.
    • Not a big deal because this is pretty much our situation with TestUtils now.
  • Recommending it as an official solution might raise questions about “official solutions” to other problems.
    • (e.g. routing, state management)
  • We don’t have guidelines for recommending something as an official solution.
  • No conclusion yet, needs more discussion.

### Server Rendering

  • After thinking more about incremental reconciliation, Sebastian has some renewed interest in server rendering.
  • Whatever feature server rendering wants, it’s a good feature to have on the client as well.
  • For example, if you have a component that’s unlikely to change:
    • Currently you have all those React internal instances in memory.
    • But if you remove those, and are able to recover…
    • It’s just like reviving a server rendered tree on the client.
  • Current behavior for rehydration after server rendering:
    • It re-renders everything on the client to a string to verify the checksum, then throws it out.
    • If it’s the same, and we need the node or instance for any reason, at that point we climb the tree and figure out what instance it corresponds to lazily.
    • It doesn’t fix any inconsistencies it finds as it traverses back up.
    • This is what @aickin is trying to change in his pull request.
  • What does #6618 help with?
    • We can loosen constraints on validation.
    • Markup doesn’t have to be character for character equivalent.
    • Ben has concerns about it.

CSS Fallback Values

  • We don’t have a way of letting people specify fallback values for vendor prefixes.
  • People ask for something like this: display: ['-webkit-box', '-moz-box', '-ms-flexbox', '-webkit-flex'].
  • Using arrays for this precludes supporting something like margin: [0, 0] in the future.
  • We could use an opaque data structure for this, e.g. ReactDOM.CSS.multi('-webkit-box', '-moz-box', ...).
  • There’s a proof of concept in #6701.
  • Still needs more bikeshedding on the name but the idea is sound.
  • We might want to look at autoprefixing again the next time we approach inline styles in the future.

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.