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May 12 (discuss)


Inline Styles Update

  • Christopher is going on a parental leave and will continue his experiments in July.
  • Don’t forget that this is tied to Facebook build asset pipeline, and is not directly applicable to React.
  • However lessons learned from this work may influence our thinking about inline styles in the future.

Error Messages

Error Code System

  • Babel transform annotates every callsite with a number that’s known statically.
  • Sentry (and others!) can look up that number in a map.
  • A new intern will be working on this!

New Intern!

  • Keyan will be working on the React team as an intern.
  • Ben will be mentoring him.
  • The plan is for him to work on the error code system described above.
  • Another thing he might work on is a “yellow box” a la React Native.

Yellow Box

  • Where should it go? fbjs?
  • Could be a more effective vector for communication between the React core team and users of React than console warnings.
  • To be practical, we would need to have warning levels and some way of suppressing them.
  • This is just an idea, the details would need to be fleshed out.

shouldComponentUpdate() Breaks Context

Can We Fix It Now?

  • It will make things a lot more inefficient.
  • Only some libraries use context for dynamically updating values, but enabling deep subscriptions by default will hurt performance for everyone.

Hacky Workaround

  • For now, React Router 3.0 adds a hacky workaround.
  • @taion plans to pull it out in a generic module for other affected libraries.
  • Nobody is really happy about it, but hopefully it should be easy to pull it out later.
  • It uses mixins so it’s easier to pull it out, and it doesn’t trash React DevTools view.
  • Hopefully eventually React fixes this, and React Router can unpublish stop using that package.

Incremental Progress vs Long-Term Vision

  • Long-term ideas and features often block incremental and external contributions.
  • We might want to spend more time just supporting features the community is asking for, even if we don't use them.
  • One concern is that the proposed solution often will leave us in a worse place than where we were before.
  • This is often not obvious in the beginning, and unfortunately a lot of work may get done before we realize this.

Focus on One Thing

  • Maybe as a team we can focus on one area at a time.
  • For example, let’s just do one thing, do it well, and ship it.
  • Better than letting ourselves get overwhelmed.

Avoid Wasted Effort

  • We can focus on external needs, but we also need to make sure that external folks are willing to support our needs internally.
  • This requires that we better communicate our needs and priorities.
  • There’s a long unwritten list of constraints, and we often reactively provide that list.
  • But it’s hard for contributors to know before they work on their big PR what that list is.


  • We should adopt an RFC process!
  • Long discussions should start before folks submit a PR.
  • In some cases, they can start after, but not in the PR itself.
  • Let’s use the Rust / Ember RFC process.

Snapshot Testing

  • Cristian in London is working on snapshot testing in Jest.
  • Ben has been prototyping a full React test renderer that can render everything both on React Native and DOM.
  • Unlike shallow renderer, it is stateful and renders deeply.
  • Things won’t actually render to React Native or to the DOM, but rather to an intermediate representation.
  • This will give us the ability to diff representations.
  • (Basically we’re pretty-printing JSX and then doing textual diffs.)
  • It is not clear if the intermediate representation should include information about composite components (the “DevTools tree”).
  • Maybe this could be configurable.

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.