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May 26 (discuss)


ES2016 Classes

Class Property Initializers (proposal)

  • ES classes for React components don’t feel good without them.
  • We haven’t used them internally at Facebook enough to push externally.
  • For now, we’ll push for more internal adoption of ES classes.
  • We don’t want to hinder the proposal by pushing too hard for it now.
  • After the proposal is further along, we can update our internal code and start pushing externally.

Documentation and Tutorial

  • We need to figure out how to make the docs reflect the fact that you can use either createClass or ES classes.
  • Proposal: the docs will continue to show createClass as the default, but will include a switcher to show examples using classes.
  • Eventually, we will flip the default.
  • In the tutorial we’ll start out introducing functional components (using function declarations).
  • Dan and Paul will work on this.

What About Mixins?

  • Technically you can use this approach for mixins with ES classes.
  • We won’t officially recommend it though because we think existing use cases for mixins have better solutions.
  • We’ll start by getting rid of mixins in the Facebook codebase.
  • Then we’ll write a page detailing how to get rid of different kinds of mixins.

Higher Order Components (article)

  • They solve some of the mixin use cases.
  • We should post about them in the official React blog and/or documentation.
  • They have their own problems, such as not proxying methods.
  • One solution would be to allow forwarding callback refs.
  • Not clear if we want this, but it would make higher order components more convenient to use.

ReactTestUtils and Incremental Reconciler

  • Incremental reconciler is going to be asynchronous.
  • However ReactTestUtils.renderIntoDocument() is synchronous.
  • It is not entirely clear if test utils should emulate a simpler always-sync environment, or real world.

Error Codes

  • Keyan continues work on the PRs that let people decode error messages:

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.