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June 30 (discuss)


Fiber Demo

  • If you missed what Fiber is, look here.
  • Not very exciting.. but it can render a <div>!
  • Basically this is all that Sebastian showed us so far.
  • You can find the demo here but you’d need to compile React DOM to point to the fiber version.

Update on createClass → ES classes

  • We are moving towards not using createClass in the internal Facebook components.
  • Keyan is working on an open source codemod to automate the transition.
  • The codemod converts createClass calls to ES classes with experimental property initializers proposal and Flow.
  • We don’t officially recommend this yet because the proposal has not advanced yet but we want to dogfood it internally.
  • There are more things to figure out with Flow (e.g. we might need to annotate state properties).
  • Dan ran the codemod that removes one very common mixin we had, so now we have more convertible classes.
  • It is essential that we add some version of PureComponent to React because a lot of components use PureRenderMixin.


#### Naming

  • We’ve been assuming we’d call it React.PureComponent.
  • However “pure” really means something different in computer science.
  • What we try to express is that component props are immutable so the output is safe to memoize.
  • Other suggestions: MemoizedComponent, MemoizableComponent.
  • It’s hard to spell!
  • We don’t want people to use it everywhere so more complicated name might be fine.
  • We can bikeshed on this forever.


Splitting Addons

  • After the internal createClass deprecation, can we drop the addons?
  • We haven’t been maintaining ReactTransitionGroup and other addons well.
  • We should transfer ownership to folks that are actually relying on them.
  • Almost everything can be decoupled except Perf and TestUtils.
  • This should happen before flat bundling.
  • Should we move React.createFragment into React?
    • No, this was an upgrade path, shouldn’t need to use it anymore.
    • It could have been the way you specify render methods without a single return value but we didn’t implement this.
  • Paul and Dan will come up with a plan for each addon.

React Hot Loader 3

  • It is popular in the community but the last stable version doesn’t work with functional components.
  • There is a new version that solves these problems but it isn’t quite stable yet.
  • Dan will take a week to fix a few issues and release a stable version with docs.

Releasing 15.2.0

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.