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July 28 (discuss)


Individual Updates




  • Released Create React App.
  • Lots of positive feedback.
  • Working on 0.2.0 that fixes issues with cloud editors and busy ports.
  • Missing features for calling it 1.0: testing, proxying API requests.
  • We merged Jest support but people are concerned because it lost a ton of community trust in the first year.
  • We want to use Jest because we’re excited about Snapshot Testing and are committed to improving Jest.
  • Dan will make sure the testing experience is good before releasing it officially.


  • React never had people working on developer advocacy and community outreach.
  • We feel it is time to improve this, and Kevin will help us.
  • He already worked on revamping React Native docs which was highly successful.
  • Things that need addressing: React docs, GitHub issue management.

Changes to Bundling

  • Sebastian prepared a series of PRs that really split react and react-dom packages. (#7164, #7168, #7173)
  • react-dom package implementation used to live inside of react package for legacy reasons.
  • Now they are separated: react only contains “renderer-agnostic” things like React.Component, React.createElement, and React.Children.
  • This is still work in progress, and there are many weird hacks we have to do, but we’ll reduce them over time.

Plan for Reconcilers and Renderers

  • Paradoxically, react package won’t include the React algorithm (“reconciler”) anymore.
  • For example, React.createElement() and React.Component stay there, but not the reconciler itself.
  • This makes sense because components relying on react don’t actually care how reconciler is implemented.
  • The React reconciler will exist in renderer packages such as react-dom and react-native.
  • Since almost nobody uses two renderers at the same time, each renderer will use a copy of the reconciler code.
  • This makes it possible for react-native and react-dom to move at different speeds and temporarily “fork” the reconciler code if needed.
  • This also makes it possible for react-dom to offer the new experimental “Fiber” reconciler behind a flag without changing all the third-party components that depend on react.
  • This sounds confusing but we think it’ll work better in practice.

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.