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August 4 (discuss)


Individual Updates



  • Shipped more updates to Create React App.
  • There was more discussion about including Jest in the community.
  • Christoph is working super hard to turn Jest perception around and make it a good test runner.
  • Dan still has some concerns about Jest usability and will communicate them to Christoph so they get fixed before Create React App officially includes testing.


  • Working on the new UI for warnings. (#7360)
  • Fixed an issue with inputs in mobile browsers. (#7397)
  • Also fixed a memory leak in server rendering in development. (#7410)


  • Shipped React 15.3.0.
  • Working on internal codemods that remove code directly importing modules from React on
  • Switched the documentation to use npmcdn. (#7394)

Please feel free to discuss these notes in the corresponding pull request.