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Where To Get Support

React has a community of millions of developers.

On this page we've listed some React-related communities that you can be a part of; see the other pages in this section for additional online and in-person learning materials.

Stack Overflow {#stack-overflow}

Stack Overflow is a popular forum to ask code-level questions or if you're stuck with a specific error. Read through the existing questions tagged with reactjs or ask your own!

Popular Discussion Forums {#popular-discussion-forums}

There are many online forums which are a great place for discussion about best practices and application architecture as well as the future of React. If you have an answerable code-level question, Stack Overflow is usually a better fit.

Each community consists of many thousands of React users.

News {#news}

For the latest news about React, follow @reactjs on Twitter and the official React blog on this website.

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