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Maintainer Guide

This document lists the responsibilities and resources available to maintainers of translation forks.

Maintainer Responsibilities

As repo maintainers and members of the React community, your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Keep the Progress issue up to date as people volunteer to translate pages.
  2. Review pull requests made by contributors promptly.
  3. Review pull requests generated by reactjs-translation-bot in order to make sure translations remain up to date with the source repo.
  4. Set up a process in order to get your translation published. See the tips below for suggestions.
  5. Act as point of contact for your language and answer questions from both contributors to your language and the core ReactJS team.


Make a glossary and style guide

Create a glossary of the translations of technical and React-specific terms. Put this in a highly visible location (the README or a pinned issue). For examples of glossaries, see:

Also, create a style guide to define additional rules to follow in translation. See the universal style guide for rules that should apply to all translations.

Collaborate on difficult pages

Some pages (like the tutorial) are very long. Instead of assigning a long page to one translator, you can create a "Work In Progress" (WIP) branch and assign different sections to different translators.

Setup a review process

Decide how many reviewers you want to review each translated page before it can be merged in. If your team is small and busy, you may only be able to have one reviewer so that translators don't get blocked. If your team is bigger, consider having two reviewers so you have a stronger guarantee that the page is correct.

Another useful tool is using GitHub tags to show what step in the review process a PR is in. Look at the Brazilian Portuguese repo to see a good example of a tag system.

Integration tools

You are encouraged to use the integration tools of your choice to test and deploy your translations.

Some tools used by various React translations:

Ask for help

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, you can go to the global ReactJS localization team and ask your fellow translators for help! (NOTE: The link is only available to repo maintainers).

You can also ask for help in the Slack channel.

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