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Pathway portal (browser, modules and tools)

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  1. browser browser Public

    A tool for visualising and interacting with pathways data

    Java 10 7

  2. diagram diagram Public

    GWT widget to visualise Reactome pathways

    Java 4 7

  3. analysis-client analysis-client Public

    Java 2 2

  4. model model Public

    Data model shared accross the widgets and browser

    Java 1 4

  5. diagram-exporter diagram-exporter Public

    Exporter of the diagram layout to different formats (pptx, svg, png, gif, jpg, sbgn)

    Java 1 3

  6. fireworks-layout fireworks-layout Public

    Custom radial layout algorithm to visualise Reactome pathways in a space-filling graph

    Java 1 3


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