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Lite Rx API Hands-on

This Hands-on is designed to help you to learn easily the lite Rx API provided by Reactor Core 3.x.

You will mostly need these 3 classes Javadoc:

To do this Hands-on, you just have to:

  • Have Java 8 and a Java IDE (IntelliJ IDEA for example) installed with Maven support
  • Clone this repository (or your fork)
  • Import the project as a Maven one in your IDE
  • Make sure that the language level is set to Java 8 in your IDE project settings
  • Fix the TODO one by one in Part01 to Part11 main classes in io.pivotal.literx package to make unit tests green (you can have a look at the unit tests too if you want)

The solution is available in the solution branch to compare, when you have finished, with what you have done.

A Kotlin version that takes advantage of reactor-kotlin-extensions is available here.

More information available on Reactor website.


Lite Rx API Hands-On with Reactor Core 3



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