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Reactor Benchmarks

These benchmarks measure the relative performance of various components of the Reactor architecture. There are also benchmarks for standard JDK components in different configurations to try and determine what's the fastest way to do various tasks.


The benchmarks are JMH based. To run them, clone the project, then run the microbenchmarks.jar using java -jar. For example, to run the ReactorBenchmarks which measure the performance of the event publication system, do something like the following:

	> git clone
	> cd reactor-benchmark
	> mvn package && java -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar ".*ReactorBenchmarks.*"

Sensible defaults are placed as annotations on the benchmark classes themselves. In many cases, those can be overridden by passing the appropriate CLI parameter. Refer to the JMH documentation for more information on what options are available and what effect they have on the benchmark runs.

Note that we are very sorry to ship this project with a Maven build, assistance welcome for moving to Gradle :) Pull Requests my friends !