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This is the 5th pre-release (first release candidate) of Reactor 3.2, part of Californium-RC1 Release Train.

⚠️ Update considerations and deprecations

New features and improvements

  • Replace String.replaceAll with a static Pattern and Matcher.replaceAll in Scannable (#1315)
  • Added a way to strictly limit the rate of requests with limitRate(n, 0) (#1317)
    • previously the lowTide and highTide parameter could still be changed by internal prefetching strategies
    • now with a lowTide of 0, the requests will strictly adhere to highTide
  • Blocking code detection and rejection has been improved for toStream() and toIterable(), and now only reject when the iteration is performed (#1313)
    • it would previously reject right where the Iterable was materialized, but what actually blocks is the act of iterating.
  • Improve concat error message on null Publisher (#1321)
  • Calling Mono.from(Flux.from(mono)) is now immediately returning the mono instance, as this is conceptually a no-op. (#1329)
    • the inverse operation (Flux.from(Mono.from(flux))) is NOT a no-op as it transforms the original Flux into a Mono, so it still returns a different instance.
  • Use more descriptive parameter names for buffer durations (#1331)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix ClassCastException in OneQueue/ZeroQueue + Java9 build (#1326)
  • When using doOnSuccess and subscribing without an error handler, errors would be swallowed (#1337)
    • This now generates a ErrorCallbackNotImplemented exception like in other cases, unless a doOnTerminate is also used
    • The best practice is still to always define an error handler when using subscribe(...)

📖 Documentation, Tests and Build

  • [doc] Point between Flux#create and Flux#push, show multithreading diff (3834537)
  • [doc] The reference documentation has been extensively reviewed and revised for 3.2 (#1325)
  • [test] Do not fail HooksTestStaticInit test in IDE (#1322)
  • [build] Add code quality badges (#1339)

👍 Thanks to the following contributors that also participated to this release

@nurkiewicz, @pdudkiewicz, @szpak, @xcorail