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This is the 6th release of Reactor 3.2, part of Californium-SR4 Release Train.

This is a recommended update for all Reactor 3 users, containing a few improvements, a new operator (switchOnFirst) and documentation improvements (the biggest being a switch from PNG marbles to SVG marbles).

⚠️ Update considerations and deprecations

  • ⭐️ The marble diagrams are now in SVG format instead of PNG. They are also embedded in the sources/javadoc jars.
    • This should allow anybody wanting to contribute to diagrams to do so more easily
    • Embedding the diagrams (doc-files) means we don't rely on being online to fetch and display them.
    • It also greatly facilitates the releasing process of a change to a diagram / new diagram.
    • Be aware that some IDEs might have a bit of trouble with size of SVG when displaying "documentation popups" (eg. IntelliJ IDEA prior to 2018.3.1)

New features and improvements

  • Add subscribeCount() to PublisherProbe (#1447)
  • Converted eager toString call from index operator to lazy (#1453)
  • Add Kotlin extension switchIfEmpty with deferred execution (#1460)
  • Add onErrorContinue to Mono API (#1458)
  • Add putNonNull and size methods to Context (#1442)
  • ⭐️ Add new switchOnFirst operator to Flux (#1423)
  • Optimize assembly tracing (#1466, #1483)
  • Polish Mono Kotlin extensions and functions fixes (#1475)

📖 Documentation, Tests and Build

  • [doc] Various fixes to the javadoc/reference guide (bad method names, indentation...) (#1471, #1473)
  • [build] Add Micrometer to OSGI optional bundles (#1470)
  • [build] Improve build compatibility with JDK11 (JRuby, asciidoctor, etc...) (#1477, #1479, #1480)
  • [doc] Big rework of the integration of marbles into the javadoc (#1390):
    • Rework marble diagrams into SVG
    • Marble SVGs now directly in doc-files folder
    • Added a graphical convention document in docs/svg
    • Verified, reworked and optimized all marbles

👍 Thanks to the following contributors that also participated to this release

@davinkevin, @fletchgqc, @mlevvy, @npathai, @OlegDokuka, @pavelhoral, @sdeleuze, @thekalinga