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Kotlin extensions for Reactor
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Kotlin support has been integrated directly in reactor-core, as a consequence this repository will be removed when Reactor 3.1.0.RELEASE will be released.

Kotlin extensions for Reactor

This library exposes a set of Kotlin extensions that allow a more idiomatic Kotlin usage of Reactor APIs.


Java Kotlin with extensions
Mono.just("foo") "foo".toMono()
Flux.fromIterable(list) list.toFlux()
Mono.error(new RuntimeException()) RuntimeException().toMono()
Flux.error(new RuntimeException()) RuntimeException().toFlux()
flux.ofType(Foo.class) flux.ofType<Foo>() or flux.ofType(Foo::class)
StepVerifier.create(flux).verifyComplete() flux.test().verifyComplete()

Check API documentation for the full list of extensions.

See these unit tests for more code examples:



  • Repository:
  • Artifact: io.projectreactor:reactor-kotlin-extensions:1.0.0.M2


  • Repository:
  • Artifact: io.projectreactor:reactor-kotlin-extensions:1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT


Some extensions are inspired from RxKotlin.

This project is Apache 2.0 licensed.