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@violetagg violetagg released this Sep 24, 2019 · 9 commits to 0.8.x since this release

This is the 13th release of Reactor Netty 0.8, part of Californium-SR12 Release Train.

This is a recommended update for all Reactor Netty 0.8.x users.

New features and improvements

  • Proxy protocol support
    • Add proxy protocol auto detect feature (#855)
    • Deprecated HttpServer#proxyProtocol(boolean) (#855)
    • Cache remoteAddress in HttpTrafficHandler/Http2StreamBridgeHandler (#853)
    • HAProxyMessage should be released to avoid memory leak (#853)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • HttpClient fails with SSL after redirect (#843, #845)
  • Detect whether secure or not when the first http request comes in order to support SniHandler added by the user (#841)
  • Avoid calling Pool#close() which will block reactor thread (#848)
  • Avoid redundant regex compile (#858)

👍 Thanks to the following contributors that also participated to this release

@aftersss, @Liyixin95

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