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@violetagg violetagg released this Jul 30, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release

This is the 3st milestone of Reactor Netty 0.9, part of Dysprosium-M3 Release Train.

This milestone includes all features, improvements and fixes from v0.8.10.RELEASE

New features and improvements

  • Remove deprecated NettyPipeline.SendOptions. (#766, #767, 3e0acd9)
  • Add NettyOutbound.send/sendObject API with a predicate for enforcing flush operation. (#769, 7f9e328, 0325828)
  • Use publisherOrScalarMap in ByteBufFlux. (97df685)
  • Remove deprecated FutureMono.deferFutureWithContext/disposableWriteAndFlush methods. (15a4933)
  • Switch from Netty Connection Pool to Reactor Pool (#717, #723)
  • API for configuring pooled connection idle time. (#612, #792)
  • Add TCP/HTTP Metrics. (#157, #721, #790, e7f9378, f202f7a)

📖 Documentation, Tests and Build

  • Documentation fix for error: "neither SslContextBuilder nor SslContext is specified". (#787)
  • If a handler is added with Connection.addHandler*, events prior channel active state are not available. (#783, 6a98e38)

👍 Thanks to the following contributors that also participated to this release


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